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the steelite should be called steelium and the steelite ore should be called steelite since "-ite" is typically used for minerals and "-ium" is usually used for elements.

there are only 2 in the mine and they are usually tin

i think about 3-ish. one is outside the mine

i suggest a way to make handles

i'd love the ability to dequip tools somehow

i'd love more ore nodes

you should be able to make grips out of wood, also how do i de-equip items?

you should be able to make grips out of wood, also how do i de-equip items?

is there a way to automate a bot to make something but without draining the entire general storage, without having to constantly reset them?

a fruit tree maybe?

or some kind of grain

metal workbench, 2 metal and 1 stone

what is fertilizer for?

what are the random babies on the floor for?

how do i get more than 1 crop every time i harvest and how do i even use fertilizer?


how do you demolish structures?

whenever i try to run it, it said "windows smartscreen has detected a unrecognized app running" and the only option it "don't run"

how about making handles and other wooden parts out of lumber, like hitting firewood with an axe turns it into an untreated 2-handed handle, then hitting it agin would make 2 untreated one-handed handle, and then you put them into the forge to treat them for weapon making.

i think you can bash them into your weapons somehow...

do they respawn?

pls add saving

walls will not protect against sharks

what if you could crack open coconuts into coconut drinks that can be drunk and then they would become halved coconuts that you could eat and ACTUAL cooking like potato soup or something

you should add some sort of storage maybe, like a crate or something, also there could be upgraded versions of the purifier and cooker, like a grill that can cook 2 things at once and a distiller that purifys alot faster of can store and purify two tins at once? your decision