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Sure, feel free to buy a copy and I'll add another community copy when you do. Thanks for your support!

How do folks feel about supplements/playbooks/bonus material for existing analog games/ttrpgs as an alternative to brand new games for this jam?

Thanks for your kind words!

Valid point re: mobile screens, we'll try to support mobile better in the future.

Yeah, you can certainly play with Tarot decks or similar you already own. Dixit cards and Mysterium cards also work great! The deck you use will definitely affect the tone and specifics of your play experience, but I definitely encourage folks to use whatever cards are convenient and/or inspiring!

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Unfortunately, I can't give more community copies of the deck right now, but there are community copies of the rulebook at which would let you play it possibly with cards you already have. Thanks for your interest!

Thanks, looks very cool!

Heya, curious how long these are and what sort of content they have? (E.g., do they have quest sets, NPCs, pregen PCs...?)

Jenna Moran weaves a marvelous tale, formatted along the lines of a classic collection of fairytales but with recurring characters and thematic throughlines that build it into a satisfying book greater than the sum of its parts. Along the way, it wrestles with ideas of identity, perception, and being a person, presenting throught-provoking points that are all the more compelling for their supernatural trappings. It’s got vampires, and jam, and a mechanical spider, and wrestling with despair. Along the way, it'll make you rethink how we tell stories and maybe make you think differently about yourself. If you want a book which will draw you into another world and engage your curiosity that you can read episodically but will keep you coming back, check out the Night-Bird's Feather!

Thanks, let me know if you try it!

Oops, looks like the signs got left out when I uploaded this before! I just uploaded a signs.pdf with the three signs. Thanks for reaching out!

Hey, sorry to disappoint! Due to royalty situations with the artists, I'm less able to offer large amounts of free copies of the digital deck, and many people may prefer to play with various physical decks they already own. But if you're interested in the digital deck, you can also claim a community copy when they're available.


Heya, I ended up messing around with a postage calculator and figured out an international postage tier. So if you buy at the "Physical Deck (International)" level, then I can ship to you in France with shipping included. I think that's the easiest way of handling this. Thanks a lot!

You should have an email from about Dreampunk with your download link; if you didn't claim it for your account at the time it won't show up when you're logged in but you should still be able to download or claim it from the email. If you can't find that email or it isn't working for you, let me know and I can send you a new one.


Hmm, yeah, not sure, assuming you're using a recent version of Chrome. Chrome's what I use, and it works fine for me. Could you be using any extension like an ad blocker that's interfering with the game's ability to load resources? If you go to Developer Tools under More Tools in Chrome and look at the Console tab, is there any sort of error there? Other than that, not sure to try. Sorry for the inconvenience!

What browser and OS are you using?

The inspiration is there, but very loosely: aside from the title, the general comedy of manners theme, the number of people (gasp!) being in disguise and the ridiculous social conventions in play have some thematic relevance. But there's little direct influence in plot, characters, or setting.

Whoops, thanks!

Thanks for your kind words!

Thank you for your kind words!

Thanks for running it for us on Saturday! It was great fun. I really like the support for things to get quite zany without things feeling arbitrary or meaningless. Sometimes, you just need to turn a knife into a hotdog.

For those following along at home, I played Glimmer the Fairy Princess, and the other princesses were the Warrior Princess, Space Princess, Skateboard Princess, and Proper Princess. In investigating the moon's missing reflection, we encountered several distinct hoards of spiders, had only a few ill-advised wishes, and didn't quite start a coup.

Thanks for your comments! I'll likely expand characters into larger blurbs to add personality and variety in the future, but it was hard to do that here because of the word limit.

I'm not sure physical games is any clearer than analog games. Physical games may seem misleading when most of these games are likely distributed as PDFs (and they may be played e.g. in an online chat), and I've seen analog games used elsewhere whereas I haven't seen physical games anywhere else.

There are currently LARPs for sale on (and not just ones by me). And there are tons of LARPs for sale on other websites.

There are also board and card games on, so I feel like TTRPG is not a great umbrella category.

One thing I'd really appreciate is better ways of filtering/searching game jams to find ones that are explicitly open to physical games/tabletop RPGs/LARPs.

First-class support for specifying a range for "number of players" and "length of game", and searching for such things, would be great.

Being able to easily sell physical books or physical versions of other materials and ship them myself would also be great and allow a lot of flexibility for things like board games.

Boundaries are fuzzy but I'd argue that escape-the-room games and sports might be things that one could publish on Itch that may or may not be considered Live Action Games.

I don't normally see LARPs considered a type of RPG, but I'm sure others would disagree, and also some games can be played either as a tabletop or as a LARP.

I feel like for LARPs you really want the tags to be open-ended, since there's a remarkable lack of consensus as to what things like "parlor", "freeform", or "nordic" mean.

I feel like "Tabletop Games" is too specific to be the top-level category. For example, LARPs are not generally considered tabletop games but are currently being included in the Physical Games category on Itch. I've seen "Analog Games" as  an umbrella category elsewhere that would include both.