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can I also suggest an option to remove the un

packed game files after the game is closed (if that's possible) mainly because of rpgmaker's very VERY crappy image encryption

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Yep, they are in the destination folder

I've encountered a new issue now.After packaging the deployed RPG maker MZ game, when the game loads, it doesn't load any of the video files in the game's archive. I have it so the title screen uses a video, and when loading the game through the boot strapper it doesn't load the video at all leaving the title screen completely blank (aside from the menu commands)

There seems to be a bit of an issue with using this to make random enemies (think on map encounters from Earthbound) When I use another plugin to clone the events that are known to be working to chase the player the events no longer chase the player and behave like there's no logic there at all. is it possible to add something that allows the chase function to work even across maps

there's an issue with this plugin. Whenever I select an item that is meant to target an ally or the user the game error's out and says "this.checkItemsope is not a function" in the console it shows that DoubleX_RMMZ_Enhanced_Codebase and Akea Animated Cursor both throw an error

when I disable This plugin the error goes away, the error still persists even wen the enhanced codebase is disabled

thanks, it works perfectly now. The only thing that i'm wondering about is how to make the extractor look fancy instead of just a console window, but i'll deal with that later at some point

ok, I tried out the new version and it packs the game files perfectly fine. what I'm having trouble with is the boot strapper, when i change the relevant pieces of code and compile it. it spits out this

I followed the instructions on the github and I compiled the template using

dotnet publish -c Release -r win10-x64 -f net5.0-windows10.0.19041.0

just incase issues aren't seen (I'm new to github so i'm not sure how most of it works) I encountered an issue with this tool, and have reported it on it's github page

There's an issue with this packaging system. Whenever I try to package a RPG maker MZ game it says this it appears to be looking for a sub-directory inside of index.html

the variable fields in this javascript file is one of the ways I package all the data so that it's harder to get at. When I copy the Actors.json data into the circled field it gives me the error "Actor undefined". When I first encountered this error I started to do the usual troubleshooting steps of disabling plugins and re-enabling them till I found the one that caused the issue, and the balloon position plugin in is the one causing the issue. (sorry if i'm still unclear, I have a hard time explaining things in general)

I know this probably will never be looked at, but I have an issue with this plugin.

One of the ways I package my game is by taking all the files in can in the "data" folder and copy pasting them into the rmmz_managers.js variable fields.

I can put everything in there (e.g. System.json, enemies.json etc) but when I attempt to put Actors.json into this it crashes with the error "actor undefined" or something along those lines.

I don't know if this can be fixed or not

There seems to be an issue with plugins that offer diagonal movement and this plugin. When moving diagonally the follower will move diagonally in the opposite direction the player is moving, I was wondering if this might be fixed at some point, or maybe it's impossible to fix it

Thanks for the tips. Sorry for not describing the usage super well, I was having some issues for some reason posting a reply.  the usage is that it was being used in a dialog box, and it was meant to allow for most if not all the NPCs to have some sort of a unique interraction with the leader character. For some reason using the \eval escape code doesn't work either it just shows the code that's in the brackets. So I decided to just have the same common event tracking the leaders' ID (because some of my other systems actually require the ID and not the name) also track the leader's name, and it seems to be working perfectly. I understand it's a bit of a noob mistake, but hey, live and learn. Thank you

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I'm \AcNk[\v[15]] is what the actual code is (I have a variable that tracks all actor IDs in the leader position), this actor's nickname is Zara, and I'm using the exact same code to give the text box the nickname 

(Do Note, the only other plugin that I suspect is doing something is the plugin i'm using to change the positioning and mirror status of the face images, as that does use escape codes) if need be I can send my full plugin list so that you can test to see if something is messing something up

But even in my main project where all the actors have nicknames, it still wont show the nick names. I do understand that I may have done some kind of oversight, so I'll to a bit more testing and get back to this

Here's the link to the new project

I actually tried an iterative approach by turning on this plugin first, testing, then adding another plugin, then testing (all in a new project) My findings actually show that with just the 2 plugins (This plugin and Eli's book) it still yields the same result without any other plugin even listed

I think I know the other plugin that messes with the escape codes, it's Cae_FaceOnRight, it's a plugin that allows for the positioning of portraits but it uses escape codes, I still don't see how it could be conflicting because Cae_FaceOnRight only adds \FacePos[Pos] and \FaceMirror[Direction]. Then again I may be wrong, i'm not super familiar with Javascript, and I really don't know how RPGmaker has it's code base set up.

There appears to be some sort of issue with some of the escape codes.

When using \AcNk[ID] or \MbNk[Index] when the codes are used in normal text boxes it just put out a number

For example

    Hello \AcNk[2]

    Hello [1]

but if I use that same escape code in the name box for the text box it works

For example

Name: \AcNk[2]

Name: [Whatever the actual nickname for that character is]

Ok, it seems to be working perfectly, thanks for the update

the order doesn't actually matter, I did some testing in another project. It seemed to only error out when the "spawn event" command was used in the event spawner

Looking back on here I see that it's an incompatibility with GALV's event spawner (this only happens when I try to spawn an event into a map) I've already contacted the developer for that plugin and they don't know how to solve this (for some reason Spawning an event using this plug in wants to call the init command in Eli's book)

I'm having an issue where when I try to do something an error pops up with "cannot read 'note' undefined" or something a long those lines. I highly doubt this will be seen though because it seems to be a plugin that isn't updated too often