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Seems like your file broke during downloading, could you try and download the package again?


There is currently no way of changing any settings of the game. This game was made during an event called "Game Jam" when we had only 5 days to make the whole thing. That's the reason why we were not able to prepare any changable settings. Sorry for that.


We are working on it, but I cannot say when the Mac build will be available. We will do our best to bring it asap.

After reuploading the whole game the problem with downloading remains. We cannot really do anything more about it. Our guess it that servers are overloaded.

If you have a problem with downloading the game try and follow the instructions mentioned on the top of the page.

Hello everyone!

We noticed that some of you got a problem with downloading the game. We are currently reuploading the package, it may take about 10 minutes for the Download button to reappear.

Hi! The guests get annoyed when they see you in their room. It's represented by question mark or exclamation mark above their head. Basicly you need to leave the room and wait a bit for them to cool their nerves down.