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Thanks for the valuable feedback!

The secondary is totally random, at first it was actually your primary weapon the entire time because we wanted to mess with the idea of gambling to potentially get a totally ridiculous weapon or a really weak one. We then added a primary fire to counteract the truly terrible options that are possible to get (like only 1 bullet every 3 seconds that shoots at a 80 degree angle to the left for little damage). So I think, based on feedback, that we need to polish that a bit more and either communicate how it works better or simply scrap that idea and make it a more consistant experience.

I understand your feedback for the music, we should have went with something more faster paced to match the game better.

I don't think you are especially negative, any feedback is good and yours is very well written and all valid.

Thanks for playing, next time we'll go for a better name!

Yeah exactly, its what I was thinking. A big star map in the middle of your ship that shows you a visualization of everything around you, then you could just navigate that way

Visually one of the better games I've tried this jam. I found the controls pretty confusing to find out at first since they are not listed ingame. I also would have liked to be able to view previous probed planet's data or what the artifact I found was and a better way for traversal. Maybe a sort of local star map where you can select which star you want to travel to or enter coordinates, I don't know.

Theres a ton of potential there, great job!

Pretty good ideas there and its a nice place to start as a first Godot project. It will be nice to see what you do in the future with everything you learned from this project!

I'm quite impressed by what you did there, this is quite magical when it works.

If you dont input sensitivity, your character gets glued to the bottom right. If you input a number too high it kinda breaks, if you dont click the window it wont capture the mouse properly after starting it. I'm also not too sure what I need to do when everything gets filled with red characters.

Otherwise I have no idea how you achieved a game of this style in freaking powershell. Good job

My small brain had issues understanding what to do at first but once I figured it out I was really impressed by the ideas displayed here. Gameplay wise its pretty excellent, so the things I'd focus on would be on the art style and visual clarity. 

Without being on full screen it was pretty hard to see the drawn attack lines especially on a high pixel density screen. Same thing with the enemy side of things, sure I could zoom in but then I'd lose on a ton of information that I would love to access to without having the zoomed out perspective. 

Great job, can't wait to see what you can do in the future with this project if you decide to push it forward.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm really glad you were able to overlook our immaturity to try the game anyway.

I totally get you, we went with a strong primary option since all our secondary/special weapons are totally randomized, so you can end up unlucky and have a really terrible one that shoots 1 bullets at 90 degrees to the right which made having a single shot primary weapon pretty annoying.

Past the boss, the global enemy modulate color gets randomized again and it starts with a higher difficulty scaling so you didn't miss too much past that part ;)

Godot is amazing!

Hahaha thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it. I know we didn't have the most original of ideas but we are all big fans of shmups so we couldn't pass on the chance!

We will be adding options for that as soon as the jam unlocks uploads again ;) thanks for the tip

Hi there, thanks for the feedback! And yeah we are big fans of Alto's Adventure and wanted to try our hand at the idea and improving on the mood. If you press space bar again, you can respawn. Hope that helps!