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The design of the game looks like it's suppose to be a phone game. But, it doesn't fit the screan when i play on the phone.

Allso the win condition is wierd.

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Looks like the game works normally on the phone. The only thing is the board is too small. I think you can fix that by making the game show in landscape mode rather than portrait.

Hey, you took my advice about the pawns. Nice!

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I think i would like it if the pawns worked as real pawns. You know, only farwards and promotion. My guess is that you had the pawns like that but decided it's better if they take to any diagonal direction. My opinion is that they should act like real pawns.

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Very good. I just came back from a chess game over the board and this is really nice to play. Smooth sliding and good gameplay. One thing, can you make this available on mobile please? 

3 games in one day? now thas something. guess ill have to try them. i managed to ¡NIM this one. I like the music and the colors but for the character movement. you may want to do something more responsive and not just addForce. nice game.

Nice idea but becomes repetative very quickly.

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Im glad you got to play this one properly this time :) Probably it means I learn from feedback like this to make more clear games. Thanks.

Ok, finished this now. Now one question, did you make the music?

Finally a game that implements the theme properly. Not "you should touch the spike there lol". Very cool mechanic. Didn't get to finish this yet, pretty hard even after you see the troll. Not that that's a bad thing. Overall, the best i've seen so far in this jam.

Doesn't seem to run past the opening screen.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

Nice little bullet hell. In the level with the boss im not sure if i beat it or not. Just got to the green erea and it went to the opening screen.

wow that was fast, i just uploaded this XD. The game is trying to mess with you with the colors and stuff. The idea is that the game lies without words.

That is a tall task for sure.

Did you upload a zip file with the index.html?


Nice idea but two points:

1. The rotate button functions just like left and right together sence there is no panelty for pressing it 3 times. So it does not add value that way.

2. On the last level there is this point where you deactivate the blue blocks but you don't go through the first one. I guess its because it didn't have the time to deactivate the collider yet. The think is this is not concistant. I think in a puzzle game, the player should have a fair chance to predict what's going to happen. Only my opinion though.

Overall, it's a nice little game.

I can't make friends. Just like in real life... 

Btw, you have some input issue. For some reason, you can't walk left up and jump at the same time. Other then that, a cute little game. Good job.

I got out of the screen and now i cant lose XD

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I didn't even understand your comment at first, then i watched the vod and got it. The big text is your target and the smaller one is what you signaled. Anyway, thanks for playing. Now i can replace the version (:

Yep, you go on forever. Thanks for playing it for that long :)

It was in browser

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The sound is really silly i agree, just put that on there on the last minute. Showing the player the current output is actually a great idea and im getting right to making it (will update only after voting ends ofcorce). Thanks for the feedback.

Pretty cool. I like the idea. And once i played through a section a few times, I found faster ways to go through. Two things to improve though: 1. Wait a moment after the player dies to activate the menu. I died on the level when i was clicking and accidentally clicked menu when i wanted to restart the level. 2. Open the doors quicker. I just wanted to pick up speed and navigate the map quickly. Over all, very nice game.

"Press T for the tutorial" = blank level. So, i don't know how to play your game. That's all i have to say, sorry.

Well, this is something we all saw many times before. I know 3 hours is not much time. If you work on this after the jam, i think you should add variance in the distance between obsticles.

hm.. I think i won? I connected the "let him die" button to the other output. So i think that's what you meant. Anyway, nice art.

Thanks. If you remeber which level you got stuck on that would be helpfull. I could try to make easier levels before that one.

Nice typinig game. I wish it increased difficulty by spawning new enemies and not just more of them. and maybe if there was some downside to shooting the wrong thing. But other then that, as you like to say, Great Job.

Good question.

Great job

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I should probably say you move with a and d, sorry about that.

I don't feel like waiting 6 days to update the game so i did. keep that in mind.

I press anter and click and press any other button. Nothing works. I can't get past the menu.

I never thought wearing pants would prove to be such a challenge.

Once i guessed how to play this game it was really fun, and frustrating. In the end i got the cheap win (:

Well, i did not fall in the mud. I think this is the longest jam game i played. And a 3 hours jam non the less. Some silly story but i like it.

I dont mean to be rude to everyone else but, i think this is the winner of this jam.

How annoyed people would be if snow really sounded like that XD. How did you make this game? it doesn't look like its in any engine i know.