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Thank you. Appreciate it.

Good game

One of the sounds is only on the right ear for me and it's annoying

That's great to hear you are continuing to develop this. 

Too easy...

You capture the ball with a piece and then move it as if it was that piece.

For example: Nf3 Nc6 Nxe5 and the you can move the ball to g6 for example.

Thanks for checking out the game.

Very well done

Really nice UI. Really weak AI. 

Not bad. Levels look the same really. I think you mean to add stuff right? That's fine then. I wish I could move the camera with arrows or A and D. and to shoot with space or something. 

Please multiplayer. This is such a funny variant.

I could not find a way to select. I'm stuck at the title screen.

You got such a silly theme it's amazing.

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Thanks so much. The piece info is a new thing I added. Glad you found it usefull.

Ah, I missed that you can do it. You probably said it somewhere.

Very nice. Got up to level 10. I like the puzzle of bringing the presents together. But is it possible for all the levels?

Thank you very much.


I do wonder what's better: Letting the player try and figure stuff out, or give them the info. I chose the former in this case. It's an interesting game design debate.

I could add more people in future updates. The more the merrier.

You can host your server on Heroku. It's free for small amounts of traffic.

I'm glad to hear.

I like your honesty about what this is. I clicked "Attack" a bunch of time and won. 10/10

OK, 2 things: 1. Usually when people want to rotate the camera , they want to rotate it around the player. 2. The ship flys alot less when in full screen. Did you apply force on Update or something?

Num num num...

Cute pixelart. Please use a different font. I can't read that.

I think I might be missing some information that slides off the screen.

The game looks cool. I don't think the online mode works.

That's a simple and nice game. Wish the difficulty increased over time. I like the music.

Just starts and ends rounds repetedly. I guess if there are less then 2 players the round is over.

So I can't play it. Also, I don't have a gamepad.

Your game has great atmosphere. I have no idea what is this a tribute to and I hate platformers. Has nothiing to do with the quality of your game, which is very high.

IN the kingdomoff...

I am NOT the best platformer at the world. I did manage to touch the sky with repidetly making notes and jumping on them.

Did you record your version of tribute in the title screen?

It looks good. What do you mean by "fake 3D". Are you just transforming the sprites to show 3D movement? If so, it's not any more fake then 3D rendering engines.

I think, if I didn't miss anything, that there is not much gameplay right now. Which is fine, I see you spent time to polish the game.

Great job.

I love this game. I managed to kill 55 people. Is there a way to get everyone?

I finally beat this game. That was hard. Nice game.

Nice game, has a nice flow.

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Still broken btw.

I was in battle, I could not do any action and could not pass the turn.

Why are we touching those potatos with bare hands?

My favirite game of this jam so far.

That's a really clever concept. I managed to get 237 points. I really like how you get rewarded for managing multiple potatos in parallel.