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They are basically the same. The Exalted pdf is from the print edition, hence the larger size (the dpi of the images is larger). It doesn't have bookmarks because, again, a for-print .pdf.

We're discussing a new print run next year, which may see some slightly larger updates and will also include a digital file.

Cheers :)

Thank you for that! I hope you enjoy it :)

We've been talking about reprints for the map and screen, but nothing fixed yet. We'll announce them when we know!

Yep, was going to say - there's a free separate file with those :) - don't spread it around, but I am planning to polish up the map a little bit soon :)


The simple answer is that you don't need to keep all the different threads in your head at the same time.

Use the player lead approach you're used to. Give the visitor's book to the players to reference and build off, then use the referee's book to surface challenges and problems as they play. The referee's book presents factions, events, and locations to provide fuel, not firm structure. You can share events between sessions and ask players to pick what they'll focus on, while rolling randomly to see what else happens in the background.

The basic idea of most OSR or OSR-ish or sandboxy games (whichever term you prefer) is to give content you then generate from randomly or semi-randomly (or even just for straight-up cherry-picking). There's no right or wrong way to play an adventure, much less a sandbox.

And best part is, if you break it, it's fine - it was made for breaking :)

Hihi, thanks :)

Thank you! I'm super happy to hear you enjoy it ^_^

I hope you'll like the next one, too :)

Yeah, my hope is they'll be up soon! I don't have anything to do directly with the production and shipping of the physical books ...
Though ... uhh ... it's possible that the 3rd reprint has sold out again. ... I see these two posts are 210 days apart, so that is quite possible.

I'll check.

If one, I take the one with the body snatchers.

Can I use both or one? :)

Bonus points if it's an excellently cheesy stock photo of human doing total human things like other humans really do in real real life. NotStagedTM.

(the more staged and fake, the better)

Nurk nurk.


Ok, so I double checked. It's a very boring issue with a clerical error ... we'll do a third printing and it'll be available then.

Yep, usually available via Exalted Funeral (though I think we're due for a third printing).

I trust it is :D ... it can certainly be very silly!

Glad to hear it! Yeah, switching away from InDesign has been a wild ride sometimes.

Hi Ludipe!

Best thing to do is to subscribe to the Exalted Funeral Press mailing list or follow them on Twitter:

That said, I'll also announce it on my twitter: as soon as it's ready!


Thank you, Sean!

If you're willing to wait a little longer, the pdf and physical books will be bundled together via Exalted Funeral. It's just ... well ... it's winter now! I didn't want to miss a third winter with this book!

Cheers, L.

A pleasure! Do enjoy :)

My pleasure, matt! And nice to see you!

Smol Update: I recently got RRYPO edited, so this game will be getting an upgrade! And some new tables!

Thank you! ^_^

Here's a link!

Here's a link:

I'll put them up here for free!

Yep. There is - those should be free ... uhh ... somewhere. But it's a good point. I'll set them up as free content here on itch, too!

Bit of a bad pun - "meaning night" = "midnight" ---> because it lasted 42 hours from midnight on May 1st (CET, I think). I couldn't figure out how to set the sale timezone.

Couldn't be helped, I suppose! :)

You can share it with some other folks you know. Thank you deeply for your backing!

Arggh ... only saw this right now. Try this URL:

It was the first time I did a coupon thingy, and I wasn't sure where / how to do it myself.

Thank you! Glad to hear!


Oof. A fair question. Do you have the .pdf?

If you do, I'd ideally like to see the .pdf on the Exalted Funeral website updated automagically ... but I'm not the wisest technology person herearound.

I've never heard of "analog games" - it makes sense - as opposite to digital games - but it doesn't seem a popular term.

Or Tabletop RPG - or would LARP and such also fit in same category?

I'm pretty much going to second Cone of Negative Energy - except for one detail. I don't know how far we can nest things, but I think the distinction between Role Playing Game and RPG Supplement is very blurry _and_ also repeated in other areas, for example you might have a Board Game and a Board Game Extension or a Board Game Variant.

I think it'd be better to have a hierarchy or tags:

So, top level: Role Playing Game (this is the type of game).

Second level: Rule Book, Supplement, Adventure Module, Setting, etc.

That is amazing!

This is truly wonderful work!

What kind of license would you consider for these generated pieces being used as the basis for other works of art, or in game content?