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I've never heard of "analog games" - it makes sense - as opposite to digital games - but it doesn't seem a popular term.

Or Tabletop RPG - or would LARP and such also fit in same category?

I'm pretty much going to second Cone of Negative Energy - except for one detail. I don't know how far we can nest things, but I think the distinction between Role Playing Game and RPG Supplement is very blurry _and_ also repeated in other areas, for example you might have a Board Game and a Board Game Extension or a Board Game Variant.

I think it'd be better to have a hierarchy or tags:

So, top level: Role Playing Game (this is the type of game).

Second level: Rule Book, Supplement, Adventure Module, Setting, etc.

That is amazing!

This is truly wonderful work!

What kind of license would you consider for these generated pieces being used as the basis for other works of art, or in game content?