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Thank you!

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I couldn't get the double jump to work, so I couldn't pass the first level... I hope you can fix this in a future update and get the game going. Also, try to make the controls and UI clearer and more understandable, I almost got stuck on level select since I couldn't tell what to do. Just adding a little text could remedy this issue

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll play your game soon when i find some time for it.

Just now managed to, haha. Check out if you wanna see, thanks for making my game better!

Thank you!

To be fairly honest, I did notice that the aiming is a bit of an issue, but in my mind there was basically no way to fix it due to the way the game is programmed. I'll try adding some aim assist or some remedy to this in the future, but I can't really make any promises. The earth's health on the other hand is just a thing of preference, I made it that you need 20 hits to the earth, since I didn't wanna make it too difficult. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! I'll make sure to add autoshoot in the future

What palette did you use to make these?

This music is amazing! Just a subtle glance at the songs and i can already imagine how well these can be used in some 8-bit style games. Well done for making these and thank you for making them free!

These assets look really nice! Have you worked on any sprites/characters to go along with them?

No problem! If you're interested in a C++ version, i am currently in development of that, so stay tuned...

Are we allowed to edit these assets in a non-commercial project?

I'd recommend adding a player character to this asset pack - every world needs a hero!

This asset pack looks totally sick! You've earnt yourself a new follower!

get out of my swamp!

This asset pack's excellent! Well done for your first tileset!

fortnite balls 2 really overshadows this amateur game


Using this asset pack's background in an upcoming jam project, going to post here if i manage to finish!

fortnite balls really overshadows this amateur game

I found the source code, just download the .zip/.rar download and you will have it inside!

This game has a quite interesting theme that is extremely well implemented. I enjoyed playing through the puzzles and the interface and rules are simple enough to not require a tutorial. Really nice puzzle game!

I looked for it a few days ago; i can't find it. I'll look for it and if i find the source code i'll definetly post here or link a github repo.

Really nice game, I've always liked taking a shot at wordle (despite being bad at it) but i was always annoyed how i'd get one try each day and only five-letter words. This is a way better alternative!

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Your idea for a development project is quite interesting, I like the adventurous spirit. This demo can go a long way, though, if you're not planning to make your own Stockfish (StockFurl?) or something else really interesting then i wouldn't see much of a reason to go further with it

Hey, Thanks for the quick reply! I just have one thing to ask if it's not an issue - what palette did you use for this asset pack?

Really cute asset pack! I will definitely be using this in an upcoming project and post here if anything comes of it

amazing graphics, nice mechanics, overall i get the feel like this game is quite high quality

Small game with a cool concept, I just wish it was a little longer

I love this concept! Losing when you have to make a show and pretend like it's all real is so difficult! The graphics give me huge vibes of Atari/arcade games and i love them! Good game!

I like this game. It incorporates the limitation really well and the design kinda has it's own feel and style. The controls are very tight and don't feel like the usual platformer slippery controls. You did a good job.

This game is really simplistic and i love it! The visuals give me extreme NES vibes and the music is just perfect. Amazing!

This game's concept is pretty simple and i like it for that. You don't have to understand any complex stories and lores you just run and kill. I like it. Only complaint is that there wasn't any music or sound, if you added some, the game would feel a lot more alive and engaging.

This game is amazing. The visuals are stunning and i have rarely ever seen such class art made in such a short period. The theme of the game is really interesting and i wish you continue this game after the jam ends.

That's a really interesting perspective, and I agree with it. When you die you get information on what will happen which makes it good to die.

The game's presentation is spot on, however i do have to remark that due to the scripted-ness of these events it feels way more like a visual novel. If you ask me, it would've been better to simulate these events in real time and make them random with some kind of warning before they happen so that you can't just know what will happen and win every time. Another thing is the use of the limitation, which i'd say has been really bad. When you lose, you don't gain something, it isn't good. It's just made like in any other game.

This game was pretty difficult for me and the lack of levels didn't make it very longlasting, but for the concept i'd call it pretty good and the limitation was used extensively.

I like the simplicity.

This event is sure to make some people happier in the new year. Good luck to all participants and i hope you all have a wonderful time creating your games.