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Did you know there's an animatic based off this game? That's how i found out there even was a game!

It's been a hot minute since i've been engrossed in a world setting!! This is a really unique premise, i love that this is fantasy, but implications is that this was the modern day before Something happened and now there's giant ass trees that humanity is living in, many centuries later. Some part of humanity that is, im sussing the ground floor real hard. im curious about what's wrong with us tho. what did mom do?? those dreams cant be for nothing. maybe we dont have any connections to the gods and that's why the stones arent working. maybe its been severed somehow

Mori loves Boba????? yesssssssss, we're best pals, bosom buddies. he's the only guy i'll take allergy pills for because im allergic to cats, that makes him special, he should be very smug about that

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Wow. That was a wild ride!! That was SO cool to experience. It was only in the course of a day and just a demo, but Amir really took me on a wild ride. And yes, I was clutching onto my seatbelt for dear life.

He's very fascinating! I was and am very invested in his revenge panning out. Thanks for not killing me buddy, you wanna be friends after this? Surely this means we're friends now.

It was rather short, but seeing the effect of his supernatural compulsion, the way he just kinda charmingly but clearly sweeps MC along to his rhythm with no warning was exhilarating as well as terrifying. 

It's kinda funny. To me, it didnt feel right to sleep with Amir right away. Oh sure he says he was ffine with it, but in the course of a day, i ended up caring about him a lot. I was a lot more interested in hearing about his life, and his husband Matias than i was in getting in his pants. (Even if that's the intention!)

Speaking of, it was so evocative, expressing just how much Matias meant to Amir. The way it's described how soft and delicate the brush strokes were in drawing him. The constant and consistent appearances of Matias in Amir's sketchbook. And im sure, if there'd been more time to look at the other sketchbooks, Matias would dominate the space as well. Is there no way to? at least take him out of the ring...

Oh, and Amir's demon form is AWESOME. It wasn't just some guy with horns and a tail, he looked very much like. a metaphysical concept that was bending reality a little just by existing in physical space. absolutely cool. i also love, ha, how absurd sex while in his demon form would be. demon dick?? sure!!! just dont think about it too hard...

Whatever happens next, I can't wait to see what you do!!

Further along the game now, and i just wanna say i would die for each and every companion i've made. i just keep getting them!

well that was interesting! I really enjoyed this. i even managed to get a good ending!

I brought Gina with me. I brought Rhevia with me. I was nice to the couple. I was totally willing to listen to our 'nice' alien friend. And everything worked out!

off to play your other games

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part 2, because i still need to talk about the OTHER parts of Arc 4!

alright you know what time it is, i had to get my grubby lil hands ALL OVER more crumbs about After-Prom AND BOY OH BOY

look i know it's gidget's route but you KNOW i'm all about genzou and orlam's bullshit, MORE HINTS, that something happened there. gidget saying that genzou?? summoned orlam? god, the fact that genzou like. genzou shoves orlam's face into his crotch. which first off!!! fuckin rude my guy! second, "all he had to do was ask"

ouch. pls tell me that's not how it happened.

here's my theory, they for sure had sex. they were intimate of some kind. genzou mentions something about orlam 'getting whatever he wants' and from that, it insinuates that orlam had taken advantage of genzou's drunken state. and i can't say that it's not true...i do think orlam had taken the plunge with genzou and didn't think too deeply on the fact that genzou was too drunk to haev a clear mind for consent. but, i feel like that lays too much responsibility at orlam's feet and none at genzou's for how things ended up that way. i have an inkling that genzou used orlam just as much and he's just. too ashamed and disgusted with himself, and orlam to admit it. because orlam is his punching bag, his whipping boy and he's not who he /really/ wants.

which is uh, a messy situation all around.

like, can we PLEASE talk about that lil dialogue with Orlam during the. you know the scene, the genzou meal reveal with the "reprise our roles as heartbroken drunk and hopeless hopeful" like, genuinely what was all THAT about, it sorta gets swept away in the wake of "Gidget prays the ace away with some drugs and almost-nono touching" to the extreme.

which btw was highly upsetting, that was like. at that point i was glad bucks interrupted because if it'd continue any longer, there's no way gidget could've come back from that. which almost feels INSANE to say considering the cannibalism, the murder, the general lack of sexual boundaries

And finally, i guess, on that special note! i just wanted to highlight how special it was to have an asexual protagonist like Iggy. Especially when he's kinda had a way different experience than I did growing up??  Iggy doesn't have the knowledge or the words to describe it, but he knows he's different, but he's never seemed to truly examine that side of himself before. like maybe it was uncomfortable to think about or he was ashamed. he has a large amount of insecurity of not finding someone who could accept him despite not wanting the sexual aspects of a romantic relationship.

 i knew i was asexual pretty early in my teens. but i was never really ashamed of it, or felt as if there was something 'wrong' with me or had the same insecurities of being different or broken, or that i felt like if i just waited, then maybe i would feel differently when i got older. i was 13 i think, and i accepted it pretty readily. and i guess...? it just. never occurred to me that this was weird or that i should want that with people.

and idk, it's interesting to see just how iggy deals with it, and views things, because some of it, i recognize and resonate with, and others that i do not. especially because iggy's sex repulsed. which i relate to, to an extent but also don't because i'm rather sex neutral leaning sex positive!

whenever iggy has to face the reality of touching bodies in any way that feels too intimate, he breaks out into a cold sweat, and i find that interesting because i was never like. uncomfortably aware of other people's bodies in that way, or conscious of touching someone intimately. i mean that might be because iggy also has a much firmer grasp of physical boundaries than i do because i do rather like hugs and cuddles with loved ones.

but i DO understand the experience of the uncomfortable possibility of like. someone being conscious of ME in that way?? like facing the possibility that someone might see me romantically that would then lead to sexually and i would have to withdraw. that fear that someone wants me, and i cannot give them what they want. that is uncomfortably familiar lol

and....and well. i guess that's my thoughts on Arc 4? i think i covered all of it. I'm eagerly awaiting Arc 5 and finally, FINALLY knowing what the fuck is bucks' deal and why we were all called to Wonderland

Hello hello, I took a break from Our Wonderland because WHEW i kinda burned out from playing a whole three arcs in under a week!! Especially when it's a very emotionally grueling game LOL

I had to do a bit of a refresher and replay some parts first before i really jumped in.
But uh. Yeah wow. Happy to be back

LOL NO BUT REALLY i know iggy meant well, but...i can't believe his solution was to be comphet. he's SEEN how gidget's been handling that for the last 3 arcs, like sir, that was never gonna work.

speaking of gidget, tbh even at the end of gidget's route i'm not sure how i feel about her. i think i pity her more than anything but other than that...i dont think we know gidget at all. we see glimpes of it, in the flashbacks and, just a little bit of it with iggy at the cafe towards the beginning but between all of that? I'm not sure who gidget is. And that's obviously the point lol because not even gidget really knows who she is! All throughout her route, it's all been about her beauty, how pretty and perfect and lovely but it feels wrong. like, of course she's pretty but what else is there? what's her favorite color? what's her favorite food? what are her hobbies? WHO is Gidget at the core of herself?

we know she had an interest in coding. she's good at it even, she loved it. and for a time she really seemed set on getting a degree for it. ....and then, in senior year it's all about modeling and beauty school etc etc

as it is now, i think gidget and iggy just aren't compatible. which sucks because i think they do like each other, in moments and glimpses. but gidget has so many issues surrounding her identity that she's not addressing that she needs to focus on herself and not a romantic relationship. because her fixation on iggy is not coming from a healthy place. that scene where iggy tells gidget that he's not interested in sex, was rough.

that scene where iggy tells gidget about not wanting sex was....bad. it was not Good lol. like her reaction was really shitty but more than that, that she's so fixating on there being something wrong, and obviously since she worked to fix herself, iggy should be willing to fix himself too right??? oof. girl no, that's not how it works,,,

Cecil was an interesting new addition that i was not expecting, i kinda wish we had more with him because he's such a mystery. i dont think he's a real person for one. i think gidget unconsciously willed him into being and just. poured all the parts of herself she didn't think were 'perfect' or suitable into him, and Cecil came into being. Which is interesting because Cecil is so grumpy and sullen. Like maybe this is a real part of gidget that she's just never shown before?

and another thing is that cecil nudges at gidget a little, asking her whether she really wanted any of this and if she wanted a different change of clothes etc. he wants to help and support her. have her be the real her.

but gidget's not ready to hear it :/

part 2 so my comment doesnt get too long

yanno i honestly wasn't sure what we were gonna get with orlam, i was expecting more backstory of course, more elaboration on the genzou&orlam train, but i didnt think orlam's route would unlock iggy's hedonistic side. and as fucked up as it is, i kinda liked it LOL. just iggy and orlam hanging out and being brofriends. i was pretty pleased that for as sleazy as orlam was acting, he wasn't keen on getting into iggy's pants but he also wasn't the same as genzou who was satisfied with just being with iggy. glad their system of cuddle buddies and orgies on the side works for them

speaking of orgies, god i was not expecting that cg of iggy gaming while orlam was getting boinked in the background like SIR in front of my unethically sourced ham??? anyway

it's different to the relationship between genzou and iggy. iggy said that his feelings for genzou made him feel warm and safe, an anchor to the storm. i guess with orlam being an even bigger mess, iggy gets to be the caretaker for once. which is actually almost?  cute? okay the day after the suicide attempt was majorly fucked up but god, at least iggy was there. the idea of orlam waking up, surviving, to his small, dirty apartment just. yeah. so them just falling into hedonism in a world where nothing can touch them, they're powerful, comfortable, and they can play and rest to their hearts contents? yeah no wonder it's so tempting. it's easy to see why iggy lost himself so deeply

i will say tho, that lil memory of iggy and orlam as kids hanging out on iggy's bed breaks my heart a bit because. orlam asked about genzou and whether he talked about him and god, that just wrecks me. all the way back then?  buddy...

i am taking both genzou and orlam by the shoulders, WHAT HAPPENED AT AFTER PROM...these lil crumbs of info are so good but i need MORE

and finally after all of that, just for orlam to perish at bucks hands. and iggy runs away. christ. all that righteous anger at the beginning, fizzling out because it wasn't enough. it wasn't the right option. iggy's denial of his actions is a bitter pill. dude, i've said all i had to say here, that was all you. it's you.

im sorry orlam, i wouldn't have minded doing imperialism a little longer but we're onto gidgets route now. fuck. onto Arc 4

*stumbles in* ....what the fuck happened here

let's start at the beginning, that's easy. so after two whole timelines where iggy got slapped around, left stumbling confused and scared, it was both a surprise and a delight to see iggy begin this run with anger in his heart. it's like the unprocessed anger of dying a whole lot finally caught up in this timeline and iggy was just left in boiling rage at his own helplessness and at the others' actions. it's actually quite funny that because of how pissed off iggy was, we get to skip past the slog that was the beginning of our wonderland adventure. it felt a bit like a meta joke because we all know how tedious the repetition is by now lol iggy says 'fuck u' to the beginning bosses

and it's interesting that with iggy taking initiative quickly we sorta get a prolonged interaction with gidget that actually seemed to. i'm not sure how to word it, bring her back down a little bit? it didnt last very long but for a sec with iggy showing more loud emotion than he had ever before, it was gidget that had to be the calm voice at the table. like we were seeing a glimpse of gidget that was the regular her and not this caricature of wonderland that were were stuck dealing with the entire time

but then we get to the Choice. and wow, i honestly was not expecting it to go that way. i really tried to be the better person but iggy wasn't having it anymore

that boat ride with genzou was rough. the fact that it was the last interaction they had until the castle....ow. and that iggy never noticed he was missing? and then what happened after THAT. you can't just walk that back iggy! there's no "oops! my best friends meat hopped into my stomach, i didnt do that! he was tasty tho!"

for as much as this was orlams route, this really seemed more like iggy's corruption arc. like after denying and saying how wrong it was that gidget and orlam were in indulging in their wildest desires with hedonistic glee...iggy turned out to be no better

speaking of orlam tho, god i feel bad, this is supposed to be about him but ive literally been talking about iggy's villain origin story, my bad buddy

Hello hello! I am back with my thoughts about arc 2. So! So. ...a lot happened lmao.

The biggest highlight was Genzou and Iggy's relationship let's be real.  It juxtaposed everything else that happened in the arc tbh. Genzou is so respectful of Iggy's comfort and personal space. Their kiss was so sweet especially when Genzou validated Iggy's feelings about his fear of sexual expectation and that Iggy's boundaries were important and heard.

It's a stark contrast to Gidget's actions in comparison.

Something going on with Gidget for real. She stomped all over Iggy's boundaries and forced herself onto him and invalidated his feelings of discomfort and that was terrible. Like, truly terrible, toxic behavior. Whatever feelings she has for Iggy it's not real love like Genzou, it's equal parts infatuation, lust and deeply held resentment.

Resentment in this case, for all the years that Gidget performed feminity for Iggy's approval, after he made several shitty lil comments about Gidget doing "boy things". And he still doesn't "want" her.

To be clear, that's not saying it's Iggys fault or that it excuses Gidgets actions! But we still don't have the full picture so this is me saying there's more going on than just "me woman ANGRY man don't want me!!"

And finally...Orlam. So I'm not even gonna touch the cannibalism that's nothing interesting, there's more important shit to focus on, like what the hell happened between Genzou and Orlam. I know, I just KNOW, something happened at prom. We didn't get much in the first arc, Orlam just seemed like a guy who let his resentment and rage fester for years until it boiled over, and Genzou didn't even give a shit and dismissed it as "dumb kid stuff"

And at this point now we know that's just not true. When they were on the boat ride there was that taunting voice in Iggy's ear about how Genzou blamed him and we know that it was false, but the interesting part to me is that the knowledge is implied to be true. So Genxou and Orlam from the time between him going blind and after prom had...something, brewing in the background while iggy was avoiding Genzou because of guilt.

And man, shit got real personal. That's the first time we really see Genzou uncomfortable. And tbf, Iggy is literally being tortured but I mean, when Orlam admitted something vulnerable, when he mentioned ~whatever~ it was that they almost were, that's the first time we see that it affected Genzou too. But it doesn't change the fact that their relationship is terrible and that's mostly genzou's fault.

So there's three things at play here, with Genzou and iggy in the middle.  They have the best and healthiest dynamic. And on one side is gidget and iggy, with the worst dynamic because of her terrible treatment. And then on the other side is genzou and orlam, with Genzou with his horrible treatment.

I barely have anything left for bucks, by the end of it I was just sick of her shit LOL.  Iggy went though SO much and then we had to deal with HER? And she killed genzou?? Hell no, I'm glad Iggy killed her fbdbfhfhhf after being slapped around he deserved a Lil wanton murder!!!

Onto arc 3, God help my soul

AAAA hello hello it's the next day and i do have more to say about act 1 actually turns out i am a liar lol 

so thinking on everything that happened now, it sure snowballed into a shitshow, and that's all thanks to the terrible communication skills that this group of 5 have. and that was never more apparent to me than when iggy concluded that the others would've led better lives if he had never existed to them. and to me that speaks how he stayed self absorbed and self centered to the very end.

maybe that sounds surprising or weird that i came to this conclusion but truly! that's so amazingly small minded assuming that his presence in their lives was so damaging that they would be better off without him. when it's so apparent that the others had their issues before and without him there, so it's just his self-loathing and guilt (and probably blood loss) thats talking

as someone whose asexual, neurodivergent and also, absolutely terrible at keeping in touch with people in my life i see a lot of myself in iggy. and tbh it's not a pretty picture LOL. it's uncomfortable to see my flaws reflected out at me so starkly. when you're so stuck in the rut of your life, you've got your baggage and your mess and it's easier to shut your mouth and just not talk to people you care about because it's been too long, or you're all too busy to make plans, or you can't bring yourself to take initiative to meet up etc etc all these excuses because of reasons that are too complicated to untangle and you're too deep to break the cycle

i felt that. 

but im not here to dunk on iggy (not entirely smh) my point was, that's just the mental illness talking lol. iggy is not the worst thing that ever happened to his friends and the further i go into the game im assuming he's going to come to understand that himself. sure, some of the things he had done were not great, and were even downright harmful, but his choices are not more or less worse than anything that the others have done themselves. iggy may have turned a blind eye to genzous horrible treatment of orlam but iggy isn't at fault for genzou's shitty behavior itself, and bucks being unhappy in her marriage has nothing to do with iggy even when iggy convinced her to go through with the wedding.

they've all hurt each other i bet, there's no one singular cause. i just wonder how they're all gonna get past this lmao

Hi hello. Recently downloaded this game just a couple hours earlier and i just finished act 1. I feel kinda like that one meme "and they dont stop comi g and they dont stop coming and they dont stop coming-

And then Act 2 came up and that's when the game went from good to great.

Where do I even begin? Well I guess. First off, Iggy and I might be built different because I might just go on with my life and pretend none of this happened. Go back to the tree???? Sorry lads, enjoy Wonderland I'll just be here posting your Missing ads around and living my life. 

This group of friends are a hot fuckin mess. The only one I remotely trust atm is Genzou and even THEN I'm. Idk. After Orlam...even after what he had done, I felt so wretched for him. 

also theory here, call me crazy but. Is it weird to think Orlam has or had a messy crush on Genzou?? That flashback where Genzou shoves Orlam off the table and Iggu just silently sits down at his spot (BTW I actually gasped and sat with my mouth open because Jesus christ Iggy.)

Idk that Lil detail where Orlam was so desperate for some approval or some sense of affection from Genzou and just. Not getting it. His earlier pointed commented about Genzou's sexuality I thought was like homophobic but now like??? Did something happen between them aside from the bullying because shit is fuckin charged with the energy of a jilted ex and "He's just not that into you" 

 I'm sorry lemme go back to that cafeteria scene because OMG that was abysmal. Iggy really just sat the fuck down I had to take  a sec to be like "yanno what, Orlam did nothing wrong. Hes justified in doing this" and then I remember "nvm he could've stuck to revenge murder and not cannibalism"

TBF on Iggy, marginally the other two girls could've totally said something too but they didn't even though ultimately the conflict is between Genzou and Orlam, it still involves the whole group because. Why,,

I had more to say but I think I'll save it after Act 2 because I think I'll know kore about the girls to give more definitive thoughts on them

Curious thought, but would it be possible to have the game on mobile?

Chilling with my deadbeat Death Dad i guess

So i played through the demo and it was very intriguing. The replay is very versatile and it was fun exploring every available options there was, see what differences there are. I like that even though for the most part it seems to follow a linear story path, the events happening are concurrent. while you're doing one thing, a character is doing another thing and you wouldn't know unless you happen to cross paths with the specific sequence that lead you to there.

i do have one concern tho, there's an extensive kink list and a general content warnings list, but will there be an extensive content warning list once the full game was out? maybe one attached to each specific character if warranted?

Keeping it as vague as possible, but when you chose Bryce's club, and also choose not to treat him kindly, during the initiation there was a very long sequence of events that were highly unpleasant to sit through, and i feel like anyone unprepared would find it distressing to experience.

Oooh. I love the mechanic of picking up scraps of red cloth when you pick up a clue

This felt like i was participating in a novel. i like the mystery of this supposed ballet curse.

I just woke up, oooo im so excited!!

No worries, thank you for the prompt response!

I actually encountered the same issue just now! Went solo, left Milo for dead, ended up at Hazel's but there's no other options at the very end when Hazel says she was filling out orders

Genuinely don't understand people who hate Rohan tbh

Personally speaking as someone who likes 'villains', I think Rohan is an interesting character to the cast. Yeah, they hurt you, what they did was fucked up but so what? What happens next? How do we, them, and the other characters deal with the fallout? That interests me way more than getting rid of Rohan early. I like that such a polarizing character did something blatantly terrible for their own agendas, and MC have to deal with the immediate consequences of that.

For the folks saying that Rohan got off easy and the crew are unsympathetic. Callous to say, but why should they even care? They don't know you. Or Rohan. They just want the ship to be in one piece so they can get the hell outta dodge and get shady folks like US out of their hands. It's not their problem. They don't trust us.

Sure, that'll change as the story goes on and the characters get to know each other better, but as of the moment they're all strangers who are trying to survive first. I'm sure more interesting things in the story will reveal itself as more chapters are released.

I guess that's my two cents

The comment section of this game is fucking rancid, jesus christ. 

That was really cool. The way the music picked up as the narrative progressed. I don't know if there's other endings, or if it all leads down to the same conclusion. But that was really good. 

Ooh, I love that you made it so that visible MC design is optional for those that want to imagine their own, nice touch!

Hey there. I'm not entirely sure what to put here, nor do I have the words to describe what I'm feeling but I think you made something special and I'm glad that you shared it with us.

There's a lot of regret here, processing hurt and self-reflection of character. And ultimately about recovery and moving on. Which is natural in the wake of a personal tragedy of such a violent nature, but I think you conveyed those very well, in our protagonist's inner thoughts, the things he's said and done, and also the things he hadn't

I think this has much potential! I really loved the little world you've set up, the rules and the manners and court intrigue. It really felt like I was in a period drama lol.

This is very interesting! I really enjoyed playing the demo!

I just finished playing Ren's route. Or at least, my first run through in chapter 7 and holy moly., what just happened! I'm so shocked, I dont know what to feel. I'm SO excited to keep playing and testing out all the choices however!

I just finished playing Superstition and wow, what a ride! I'm ready to go ver and play season 2 right now!

Yeah, exactly! There isn't a set 'canon' ending. It's a visual novel game where multiple paths and possibilities are in reach. None are any less 'canon' than the other.

I kinda figured that Damon and Alisa being viewed platonic in Damon's route was for the comfort of people who would rather focus on romancing Damon than the idea of Damon ever having been with anyone previously, or some past flame appearing out of nowhere to cause drama.

I don't think it'd make it less canon that Damon and Alisa happen to be into each other in every other route and not Damon's route, because isn't it just a part of life to have that "what if" relationship play out in every other scenario than the one that's currently happening in 'Canon'?

That's only my thoughts on it though, I understand that not everyone's going to be comfortable about the whole side character possible romance subplot happening in the background.