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Other dev here.
thanks for playing! and i find it amusing that our games share 'SNAGU' in common!

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 (other dev here) 

I'm glad you figured out the symbol movement trick!
I like the suggestion, maybe in a future update! Thanks for playing our game

Question: did you notice that all the levels are randomly generated? or did they feel hand crafted?

Brackeys  brought me here! this looks so awesome! how did you guys generate the black whole effect? Was it using a shader?

really like the one bullet idea.

got frustrated with no save points, 
also the upgrads speed is basically the only one i went for.

nice art, and physics. Id like to see some upgrads for stealing lots of stuff

love the cheekiness

i like the move mechanic

Awesome !id love to see a full game of this.

love the mix of tetris and shooter

awesome! my favorite game so far

nice i like the idea

nice look. hard to controll.

very polished. nice make it a mobile game.

wow. really like it. hard but fun.

im impressed you made minecraft color matching in the the short time

nice polished

nice, im impressed you had time to make levels

very interesting concept, and nice execution. movement feels smooth 

i like the consept, its kinda fun.

looks awesome. not sure how to win though

looks cool. but understand  the goal.

cant open on windows

fun. fells meme, that i like