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Unfortunately, due to having a dense, large map and heavy post processing I recommend a GTX 1080 or above for the game to work well.

Thanks, I agree with the capabilities of these engines! Loading these assets was much easier than I expected since building materials are composed of 3 sprites on top of one another and ground assets are just 48x48 sprites that you can load at a single go, so creating the 2-frame animations for characters turned out to be the time consuming part; however, I also have some experience with using the engine. This was my first attempt at a 2.5D game with SMILE, and I definitely think the engine works well for this purpose.

A great concept for a puzzle game!

A nice combat system with potential! Very cool!

Great and well made! I've completed it; it was engaging!

Well made! Good use of the theme!

Thanks! I like the idea of some souls with quests; something cool to add for the post-jam content!

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Thanks a lot for your kind words! A lot of the low-level functionality like saves and the camera system is provided by the engine I've used and I am familiar with it, so the majority of the time went to preparing the assets and content creation (the breakdown was ~8 hours for loading assets, ~24 hours for the content, and the rest for polish).

Thank you for your kind words; this is excellent!

Thanks for the OS information! I am unable to replicate this in my Ubuntu browser. However, I have put in a fix that would deal with this into the next version.

For now there isn't really any content beyond the Nightmare Heart, so consider the game won! Towards the end of this week I will push the first content update that adds new cards and content beyond the Nightmare Heart.

All upgrades through skills are temporary, unless you buy it at a higher rank. The "Upgrade" keyword does state this.

Ship export will automatically save a file on the downloadable version. Unfortunately, there is no real fix for the browser version due to how browsers work with canvas objects; Vesselforge will instead create a screen for you to manually take a screenshot using the Print Screen button. Despite this limitation, I thought that an HTML5 version would nonetheless be useful.

The HTML5 version is now updated to include a sound adjustment menu. For the Desktop versions the update will come with the next expansion, which will add content beyond the Nightmare Heart and should be out by the end of the next week. You should however be able to play and encounter new enemies (++ variants) after the Nightmare Heart. I am unable to reproduce a crash at the Nightmare Heart; which platform are you using?

Great ideas! Some of them, like a spike trap and vampires, are actually in the latest version of the game but are currently disabled (the game needs a bit of tuning). There will be a mini expansion soon!

Thank you! This seems interesting, I'll look into it!

Thanks for your kind words! I intend to add an options menu in the short term; for now you can manually change it using the volume mixer of your OS (I know it's not ideal, sorry):. There will be content updates that add new characters (three planned), monsters, skills, traps, better balance and more. Right now the plan is to have the game available for free. As for inspirations, Cultist Simulator is an excellent title with a similar art style.

:( I have recompiled the game and uploaded an additional compatibility version. I cannot reproduce the error; can you check to see if the latest versions fix the issue you are encountering?