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I'm also running into the "lose the duel because the menu takes too long" problem.  Any chance that either the duel could become not timed, or a faster interface for forms that lets you see all of them at once could be implemented?

Hah, cool!  Where's the best place to keep updated about your next game?  Still too early for ETAs?

You could probably fit the moon logic and one-pixel-clickables into an optional hard difficulty setting -- introducing a few additional puzzles that only come up for people who are actively going for the Full Experience.  Maybe one of the keycards is broken, so you have to glue the two pieces together with partially-chewed gum that's stuck to the bottom of one of the magboots, or the chemical recipe is found only in a PDF manual as copy-protection, or ....

Unfortunately relateable. Well-done, and well-handled.  It would be nice if the game didn't turn the sound back on at the start of every chapter though -- it's actually the alarm clock noise I was trying to avoid.

Really nice work.  It captures the feel of those games without the frustration of accidentally-unwinnable situations.