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Hello Igorobka, I'm looking for two illustrators for a long term 2D game project.

Check my discussion and feel free to add me on discord.

Grazie mille, se dovessi conoscere qualcuno che abita in quelle zone ti prego di fargli/le presente della presenza del gruppo

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Hello, I'm the founder of an Indie Game Development Team based in Italy.

I thought I needed some experience in working through internet, so, why don't experiment this directly?

As the title suggest I'm looking for people who are interested in joining in a 1 up to 2 years serious project. I need all the kind of artists that a game development team requires for a 2D game.

Position currently open:

  • Storywriter (dialogue writer as well) - 1/1
  • Programmers  - 1/1
  • Illustrators (animators) - 2/2
  • Videogame Music Composer and Sound Designers - 1/1
  • UI/UX Designer - 0/1

Just to be clear, to me this is really important, and I want to achieve something from it.

If you're serious and interested and willing to pursue until the end this project, well this is meant for you, so add me and let's discuss this on Discord. 

Username: Shinnosama#0331

Please add me only if you have some of your work to show to me. 

Ciao, ho creato un gruppo su Facebook per tutte quelle persone che vogliono sviluppare videogiochi a Latina o dintorni, all'inizio l'ho fatto per cercare persone che hanno la mia stessa stessa vocazione, poi mi sono reso conto che poteva essere qualcosa di più grande, come una vera e propria comunità. L'obiettivo del gruppo è semplice, condividere la passione per lo sviluppo dei videogiochi e perchè no, trovare personale per il proprio team.  Spero che l'idea vi piaccia.

Ecco a voi il link:

Siete nascosti veramente bene a Latina. Spero di riuscire a tirarvi fuori dall'ombra.

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Come and eat in Tokyo's most famous Kaiten Sushi!

Matsumoto is waiting for you, for the biggest feed of your time. Tap on sushi and eat as much sushi as you can, but watch out for the ones that contain too much wasabi, those will stun you and everything will seems slower, pay also attention to the puffer fish, which if had been cut badly and ate will kill you!
How much sushi will you be able to eat before you burst?!

Matsumoto's Sushi is an Arcade game where the player will have to eat as many sushi as possible to try to make the highest score before the time is over.


Hi guys this is our first game which has been released today! We put all our effort in making this, I hope you will give it a try!

You can download my game in Google Play Store or in the Game Page

Thanks to everyone and have a nice summer!