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Давайте я попробую заняться музыкальной составляющей. :)

Кинул тебе запрос в ДС, ник такой же :)

Какие роли в команде уже заняты?)

Большая команда?

A little hard for me to collect all coins, but it was really fun! Thank you! :)

Changing dimensions in this game is really cool idea! :)

Cool 2D art and gameplay! I like this game! :)

Interecting concept! Thank you! :)

Cool game! :)

Really atmospheric game! I like it! Thank you! :)

Awesome game! Cool pixelart, concept and music! I'll recomend to my friends play this game! :)

Towerdefence! Looks good! :)

Wow! This game is awesome! Cool 3D graphics, music and gameplay!

But i found a bug. :)

If you go close to the right wall and separate Dimension, your copy will be created behind the wall.

Thank you! I want to add flashlight, but start work on this project too late and got only 5 days to complete it.

I'll add flashlight and work with lights inside bunker at next version. :)

For first it's really funny when i open options at win64 build and found message "Disabled for WebGL"! xD

I found some bugs. When i talk with AL, if i press "Escape" button to open menu, and press it again, to close, after end of the conversation i can't move, until i open and close escape menu again.

Second bug - flashlight don't work, if i have use it, when talk with AL.

Otherwise this game looks really interesting and atmosphere is cool! Tnak you!

Great game! I like music and gameplay the most.

I think you need to make more levels and boosts for player.

Thanks for such a cool game! :)

Yes, I will fix the volume level and text typing speed, as well as the size of the text box. Thanks for playing my game! :)

Thanks for playing my game! I will continue building this project. :)

I will definitely continue this game. It will be quite long, containing many details and mechanics that are not yet available. Thanks for playing my game! :)

Thanks a lot for all the comments! I will add a lot of important details later on when GameJam ends. :)

Good game with interesting mechanics! :)

There is a very important theme in this game! Thank you!

Cool gameplay and mechanics! Short but really fun! Thank you! :)

Colors in this game is really cool! 

I think good improvement of gameplay will be changing of rotation step. Thank you! :)

Well, now i will wait to the end of 2023, to play full game! Thank you! :)

179 meters of pleasure! xD

Really funny game! ;)

Fun game! Dimension shift works a little strange, but looks cool! Thank you! :)

Cool game! Very good game mechanics! Thank you! :)

I think I was a part of movie! Thank you for interesting concept!

Good game, but a can't found second dimension! xD

Very interesting mechanics! Good music, sounds and really fun game! Thank you!

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you very much for such a detailed analysis of my game! I will make all these recommendations in the next version of the game! :)

Good game, but I would like to improve the controls. :)

A very difficult game, but interesting. Challenges the player. :)

Cool game! Interesting harvester mechanics. :)

Very good game! I would do a bit of optimization work, because it made my 5700xt work to its fullest. :)

Thank you for playing my game! ^_^

I had very little time to test, so the game turned out to be too dark.

Thank you so much! I will continue developing this game after GameJam and make it better! :)

Simple, but funny game! Two little tips - moving background and music. They will make your game much more enjoyable. :)

Fun and cool game! I've a question - who is the main hero? A Ghost? A Cyborg? A superhero? :)