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Good luck for You and Your friend! 

Continue to learn and I sure, You guys will make cool game! ;-)

Thank You! For first i will make this game better, by added more functions, improve bugs and art new assets (and music ofcourse!).

Very cute graphics, cool gameplay and music! 👍

Thank You for interesting game! 👍

I found a bug. After moment when i put blue sphere to golem chest and he leave the room, I can take coffin again and put it under the runes, light all the runes and get blue sphere again.

Good puzzle game. I like it :)

Well, for war simulator weapon at this game shooting too slow :)

And i think, you can add some animation to Your gun, when player is shooting.

I can attack enemies, while I lying on the floor, lol xD

Funny character and intresting mechanics :)

Very short game, but pixelart looks very nice. You need to work a little with jump animation, cause i sure you can make it better ;-)

Space Asteroids game with neon style and particle systems! Wow, it's cool! :)

I wanna know how many people i was scared :) 

Maybe some kind of counter? 

Game is very simple, but fun and art style looks well. :)

It'll be great, if You put build of Your game at archive next time. :)

Simple and fun game :)

Not bad idea, but a little far from ideal. I think You may make this game better ;-)

Funny game with cute graphics. 

I like this game, but music and sounds make it better! :)

Your art style looks pretty cute and i like it! :)

There some bugs, but game is very nice. Do you planning to develop this game later?

Voxel graphics! It's cool! :)

It's was a little surprise, that after using Shift there is a little cooldown to using atack skills. 🤔

Jumping is the biggest problem at this game. :)

But game looks goot at all. ;)

Thank you so much for playing! :-)

Looks cool! :)

Looks like some kind of game prototype :)

Do you planned to complete development of this game?

Simple, but not bad game. If You spent some time to make more features - it will be great! :)

Very simple game, but if it's your first steps - looks good :)

Nice graphics. With music and sounds game will be better and more fun.

I like bullets light effect and game mechanics :)

Nice particle effect on hitting enemy! 

With music and sounds game will be realy fun :)

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Is there a way (button?) to restart game? 

Game may be interesting, but for now i shutting down the game by Alt+F4 to restart, that not cool :)

Great game! I like it :)

At third level if i fall under the map nothing happened :)

Thank you for playing!

Great idea with checkpoints at long levels! I will add this mechanics after Jam ends. :)

Cool parallax effect! Wow! :)

Thank You so much! :)

There is a little cheat with lifesteal. ;)

Game is very fun and graphics is so cute! :)

Cool mechanics with learning new skills with the help of deaths! xD

Very cute and funny project! Peacful ninja frog so cool! ^_^

Very good gameplay! Dog is very cute! :)

Cool game with interesting mechanics. :)

Very interesting game! Thank You for this cool experience! :)

Thank You!

I thought i made the second level very long and difficult. 😅

Cool kind of punishment! Very fun and hard game! :-)

Good game with cool art. :)

Cool game! Very impressive! :)