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Well done, Q Games ! 

Sorry, I do like screen shake.  And, I had not thought about it being annoying.  When I have experienced it, it always adds a level of polish.  So, I love your bombs, too.  Bombs are always fun.

Great start!  3 Hours goes by super fast and before you know it, you're done.  I have to go grill something now.

Interesting idea, great music, and aesthetically soothing.  Oh, and fun!  Well done.

I'm glad you noticed.    It was a bit hacky and did not quite work right.  I kept track of the top left and bottom right corners.  Thanks !

Thank you !  Thank you !  If I wasn't so scatter-brained, I would put more time in it.   Send me a pic if you create something.  The few that I have seen would make Picasso jealous.

Ha ha !  It also could be a neural network.

Ha ha!  Just like everyone loves screen shake.

Open game art - nice!  Thanks for the tip. is one I have used for music.

Great mechanics.  I love using the bomb to move you around.  The simple graphics and anims were beautiful!  Overall, great game for just under 4 hrs.

Visually beautiful but difficult.  If you have a subtle clue to the direction to go in, I missed it ... Cuz I'm not too bright.  I love the concept and the execution is great.

Your first Godot game is much more impressive than mine.  The log toss anim and the fire particles are solid.  The idea is fun too.  Nice!

Music is amazing!  And, the gameplay reminds my of the quick arcade experiences when I was shoving quarters into coin slots.  I love it !

You made my day, Jinx !  Thank you. :)

Great game !!

I am soooooo happy to hear that.  Thanks for the speedy reply NTTP !  :)

Is it possible to host a non-gaming jam?  I wanted to host an architectural jam.  If not, do you know of any platforms out there?

I love me some !

I love it !  You should do well.

Hey Terry,  Fyi - Chrome is blocking the zip download from your site.   Maybe link to your itch download page?  Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Everyone should use this tool !  It is amazing !

Great tool !  Randomize is a lot of fun.

Ha.  I appreciate it.  BUT, I guess I did punk you.  I just put another 7 mins of dev. into it and I cannot win.  6 Meters left is the best I can do.  I guess the ramp up of the trees at the end is too, much.  Thanks for the feedback and don't waste any more time on this.  Ha ha.

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I am sorry !!  I was not pranking !  I swear !  I have to clear the trees on reset.  I did not have time.  I will do that and repost here.  It should be pretty easy after that.  I am not clever enough to prank.

The dragons are awesome !  Simple and fun mechanic.  But ... you need a story ... "The king of swamp castle was taking a nap while is pet dragons, Sparky and Halitosis kept the castle tower from falling over into the swamp."  Love it !  :)

Beautiful and interesting concept.  This could easily turn into a exploration, navigation, resource management adventure.  Nice work !

Cool idea and good enemies !  I got the feel for evading the projectiles after a few mins.  Overall challenging and fun.  Graphics are impressive for a 3 hr. jam.  Good stuff !

Wow!  This reminds me of a classic arcade from the mid 80's.  Yes, that's how old I am.  It took me a sec. to get the hang of it (like any good arcade game).  And, then I mastered it with a score of 30.   The layout of the play area and the screen wrapping is clever and interesting to play.  Do you use Brfx for your SFX? 

Well done !!

I appreciate that, Matteo !  I thought the particles would help and I had grand ideas about a little skier yelling avalanche at the beginning.   Actually, that wouldn't have taken more than 10 mins, right?!  I shoulda instead of drawing the crapping title and end game screens.

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I am a sucker for pixel art.  Clever idea.  The key to these jams is managing scope.  That allowed you to create music, a few SFX, and good looking track.  Love it !  This'll be tough to beat.  (Oh, and I got 11 - not bad right?)

:)  Um, I don't know.  I tested the game for about 30 mins after the 3 hours were up and I did not win it.   Sorry, about the < and >.  I should have siad "arrows".

So satisfying !  I felt like I was 16 again in the school parking lot during a snow storm - fish tailing all over the place !  It is really impressive doing this in 3 hours.  I attempted to do the same thing you did and after 1.5 hours I had the car that flipped and skidding that did not work.  There is no way I would have gotten to what you made in another 1.5.  Very impressive. :)

Ha ha.  Thanks, Jay !  You are right.  I had all the trees in a parent ready to clear but the clock had 20 secs left and I knew I needed more.  I am off to play yours now ...

Cool !  I will give it a whirl.

Visuals are fantastic !  Love the pulsing projectiles.  I like the controls, but like you said, a little hard aiming.  Would it be easier if the projectiles came at you faster?  Then you could see and get a feel for the projectile's path.  Or, what if the projectiles came at you in 1 of 9 paths (grid of 3 x 3).  They would then be more predictable.  Just random crap thoughts I had.

You should put another couple hours into it ... at least.  Good Pew Pew Fun !

Ha ha!  Excellent.  Speaking of mashing - I have been mashing my brain on what I could have added in the last 15 mins I had to spare.  I would love your thoughts.

Interesting idea.  I found myself staring at the jump meter to try and get a feel for the right timing.  I did get the hang of it and got to 23m !  :)   I was going to suggest a SFX for the meter.  But, that would get super annoying super fast.  Or, a player animation - crouching down.  The lower the more power.  But, again, 3 hours.  You could spend 6 hours getting that to look right.  Anyway, GG !

Yes, this is hard and fast.   The controls were excellent.  It must have been fun designing the level.

I did the same.  But, I got it on the 2nd run.

170 in 2nd try and loved it.  I know time is short, but ... more tracks left and right with passanger trains that you should avoid would have added another dimension.  But, I am sure you would have done something similar is you had another 23 mins. ;)

Fun !  Controls feel good.  Intuitive.  I, too, ran out of time for SFX and Music.  I since found Bfxr and  I assume these both would be ok to use in a Jam.  I guess I will find out next week.

Your game description is fun and your story is deep and tragic!  Ha.  But, boy, it's not easy.  But, then again, I am old and the brain is a bit slower these days.  GG !