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Brilliant game.

A very lovely game. Some great gameplay ideas too. 

Pretty fun game!

I checked my Github repos, and unfortunately I never saved the source code for either projects. 

That being said, I suggest you look into the command pattern. You can find examples and tutorials on Youtube. Building the system yourself will greatly improve your understanding of it. 

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Cool concept. Just two things in my opinion:

- When the player gets hit, add visual feedback to show where the hits are coming from.

- When the player latches on to an enemy and teleports to it. Maybe don't teleport directly to that position, because this is disorienting. Or have some clearer visual indication of where the player will teleport. Or force the player to stay locked on his or her target to teleport. 

Looking forward to seeing where this project goes.

Thanks. To be honest I had some difficulties figuring out an interesting gameplay experience. My concern was to produce a finished game within the time limit. 

You can't see further away, which makes avoiding the obstacles impossible unless you memorize their position.

The mouse sensitivity makes the game almost unplayable. 

Simple yet very cool.

I already played the game a few months ago, and wow! I really enjoy the new content you added recently!

Hi, I just played the Beta. I think the overall experienced improved since the last time I tried your game. And I actually reached the top this time! 

When I run, reach the edge of a platform and am about to jump, I quite often start falling too early, and miss the opportunity to jump. I thought I was still on the platform, when actually I wasn't. Am I the only one feeling like this?

I came across a bug however. I'll share a clip on your Discord server. 

I tried the sandbox and this is overall quite fun. I like the fact the game is technical, i.e. you have to consider the distance carefully before taking jumps. But I like even more the fact that you basically made a climbing puzzle in which figuring out your way up is half the fun. 

I have some constructive criticism however. In my experience at least, when climbing, switching from one side to another worked less than half the time. It felt very inconsistent. Also, there were a few times where I barely missed a jump, and I wasn't sure if I wasn't timing my jump properly or I just wasn't supposed to make that jump, and so the game didn't convey this information well. 

Looking forward to seeing the game improve!

Could you add me to your Discord server?

I think you have an interesting concept on your hands and I overall truly appreciated the experience. I just think the climbing mechanic is a bit clunky. Especially jumping from wall to wall. Also, I don't know if this is just me but, I kept falling of platforms when I attempted jumping off them, like a pressed the button too late.

Well, the ambience is what stood out to me. The sound effects and foggy visuals sell you the dreary atmosphere. You could probably polish the climbing mechanic. By that I mean that it wasn't always clear what can and what can't be climbed on. 

Also I really dig the low poly texture look of the game. But that's a personnal preference.

Well done! Pretty good guys. Aside from the puzzles I really liked the overall atmosphere and the tone set by the narrator, who has a bit of an attitude. The second puzzle actually threw me for a loop. 

Interesting concept.  Looking forward to playing the rest of the game.