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Awesome! Yeah, it's a fun space, we're pretty excited :-D

Yeah, the hero-turned-villain is a great story and I think we'll defintitely get around to it some point. A lot of our monster groups are definitively non-human, but not all of them, and even the monstrous ones are often open to human influence and manipulation... Fun stuff!
Unlocking such a villain with a game event is not too bad. I think the villain story would still be a crafted  one, with the hero plugged in, for the reasons listed above. But yeah having "achievements" or similar mechanisms that unlock additional stories feels good. Though, incentivizing players to kill their heroes for meta reasons does not..

Dungeons - we'll see. We have some underground battle maps now, but as for more extensive dungeons, it's not on the immediate list. But I think it would be fun to think about it later on. Maybe multi-part missions, that sort of thing.

Yep, more combat variety is needed. That's a big part of the reason we're in beta, there are a bunch of things we still have to do . Variety in monster abilities, in maps, in mission goals, all that stuff sounds fun!

Yeah, lots of good stuff here, thanks for writing it up. I played the old Might and Magics (2-5, World of Xeen was my favorite) and Wizardy 8, and there's a lot of meat there, and then I also think there are a lot of other games mixed into the DNA of Wildermyth besides those... FTL, Dwarf Fortress, D&D, and XCOM of course.

What we're trying to do, at the highest level, is to make a tool that lets players create their own mythologies, by which I mean, a pantheon of iconic heroes that you totally own because you made them that way. In order to accomplish that, we use procedural generation to make the heroes unique, and then we throw a bunch of different stories at you and see how it shakes out. It's a bit like FTL in that sense, but with the focus on the cast of heroes, not the ship.

If we have a single story, that's not going to be fertile grounds for a mythology. So, at first we were trying to just handwave that, and say, eh, let's all fight, because monsters. But we think there's a lot of space for a cast of villains that give the heroes something to really fight against. We want to be able to eventually produce enough villains that the game becomes about experiencing all those different stories, and as you go, your cast of legendary heroes grows organically. That's the thought at least!

You're definitely right that the word epic is overused, and we're certainly guilty of that. If it means anything in the context of Wildermyth, I think it means that the story takes place over 40-100 years, and many heroes will come and go in the telling of it. Also it's trying to say that some heroes will reach somewhat absurd heights, visually, and in the gameplay. A hero with demon arms and crow wings, that sort of thing. I don't have a word for that kind of hero.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Yeah that system is pretty cool, but the way our game is right now, hero deaths are not really guaranteed to happen, and might be just too rare to count on, depending on the difficulty level. We also don't have a persistent world in the same way, the lands are generated fresh each time. But so yeah those are great ideas, but there's also some distance between "here is a bandit" and "here is an epic 100-year storyline", and that's the thing we're really trying to solve here. Legacy monsters sound awesome though and I'd love to revisit them.

Thank you so much! Yeah, expanding relationships is something we'd love to do at some point. The system we have now is pretty basic. Marriage, kids, all that stuff needs proper treatment. Recurring NPCs -> Our Villains work starts to speak to this, see recent dev blog. interfusing doors: maybe, once enemies can open them too!

Extra Copy is what you want - I will email you the extra key as soon as I see the purchase (it is a manual process, but usually fast)

That's confusing, we certainly didn't intend to revoke anyone's access, if you've purchased the game you should be able to download any of the builds as far as I know, what are you trying?


Yeah, it's on Soundcloud here: and is fine to use a clip of it, I'm not sure if  it's downloadable, you can ask candycomposer on our discord about it.

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Not right now, sorry.

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Looks like we'll do one more bugfix patch, this week hopefully, and then start working on infrastructure issues like mac/linux, so, that puts it probably three or so weeks out. Sorry it's taking so long.

The best way is to install the itch app, because it does that automatically, and also only updates what changed, so you don't need to download the whole thing again. But if you don't want that, you can also just download the file again from the game page, you just need to be logged in to your itch account.

yikes! Can you press F11 and check the boxes to send me your save file and logs? I'll make sure we get a fix in to our next patch. Thanks for the report!

Ok that makes sense. We should change it. Thanks for the feedback!

They will generally be reset to be some years away from retirement, depending on how old they were before and far into your playthrough you are. Lemme know if it feels bad when you're playing.

Hey, that's awesome that it works in Wine!
The game has been working on mac internally for a while, and we plan to support mac and linux soon. Glad you're having a good time!

Thanks for this, good feedback!

* Yeah, transformations, we do want those to be game changers. We'll work on making them more flavorful.
* family and bosses definitely.
* removing members - interesting, I like the idea of early retirement that gives you campaign-level bonuses, like, "go found a new town" or "set up a dojo" or something like that.
* more control over children - that makes sense, but feels less urgent than some of the other priorities... Something we'd want to get around to eventually though
* mystics - yeah... some mystic abilities (ignite, arches) try to solve this, but I hear what you're saying... I wonder if Calcify could give +physical damage instead of +warding, which is sortof garbage on mystics anyway..... weird thought.... then your mystic could shift to being a melee beast in the right circumstances...
* field of fire bug - we are tracking that one, should have a fix in next patch. Bugfixes will always be high priority.

Glad you're enjoying the game!


Hm not planned currently, but also not out of the realm of possibility. It would be a lot of work to adapt our interface to be mobile friendly, but/and maybe we could make some simplifactions also. If we are successful, we'll strongly consider it.

Hats - they're a bit complicated, but probably not impossible. We've talked it over a few times but it's just never been our main priority yet. More detailed families sounds super fun.
Folk Heroes on our discord can vote on dev priorities, so, if it's what the council wants (and we think it will make the game better), we'll build it.

Awesome, we're glad too!

Ah, we are tracking that one. I believe we will be turning off customization from that screen temporarily - you can still customize once you recruit them, and should stick if you promote them with the new name. We'll turn it back on when we have a chance to do a proper fix. Thanks for the report!

Love your fire chicken! Thanks for playing! We're really excited to keep piling on the content.

Yes! We hope to have that out in a few weeks or so, and Linux too (unless we hit some unforseen problems).

Thanks! Yeah, you are right about the bosses, they went in pretty late and we need to do a pass on them to make them more special. Also yeah, more variety in side-quests is something we want. It's a bit of tools work, basically the quest line needs to keep working even if one of the heroes dies, or is on the other side of the map, all that sort of thing. Lots of details to work out but we can do it. Thanks for playing!

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it!

Ok, I think I see what happened, it's a bug that I think was caused by certain stories (sweltering stars or gone ox?) creating a site as an outcome, where the site is outside the current map. This was left over from way back, before we switched to a tile-based overland map. Those events need to be changed, and we'll also add some code to detect and fix these issues in save games, like yours. That will be in the next patch, which is probably sometime next week.

Also I noticed a couple crash logs, those are graphics related. Updating to the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer might resolve them.

Thank you for reporting this!

Thanks!! It's great to finally be sharing our work, looking forward to much more!

Thanks, I will take a look at this and get back to you tomorrow!

Definitely sounds like a bug, press F11 to bring up the feedback tool,  and maybe include the save game (there should be a checkbox for this) in the report, and I'll take a look and get back to you. (If you don't see a checkbox for that, then you're not on the latest version, you can check for updates in the itch app or download the latest (as of this morning). )


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah family relationships are not all they can be right now, I think we can definitely improve that. Boss monsters also need some design love. We will get to it pretty soon I hope. Scratchpad, and tools in general - if you're interested, there is a section on the wiki about how to use it, but yeah it is pretty.... complex... right now. I'd love to make it into more of a tool that anyone can use, I think it'd be really fun to see all the stories people make. Right now our focus is on bugs and quality of life issues, but we'll start thinking about the next big features soon, and if people are excited about tools, then that's what we'll do! Specifically, in our discord, council members will be able to vote on our next big development priority. I'll have a poll up in a few days if/when things settle down a bit on the bugs front.

Yeah, legacy weapons would be cool! We want to do that at some point, for sure. I'll take a look and see if I can get anywhere with your crashes, I'll let you know what I find.

Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

Can you zip up your logs and send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com? Sorry about all this :-(

Yes, we will get that hooked up one of these months!

Yeah please do send me the logs and I'll take a look, sorry about that!