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a sweet little game full of unexpected twists for a solo player who wants to take a creative little break from the world! <3

the perfect blend of stardew valley & stewpot, the vibes? they are immaculate 

a beautiful, short and bittersweet little game following the special little moments in the life of a shared character. I love how versatile it is--you can play a pre-existing character, use it to build a backstory or narrate an epilogue for a character from another game, tell the story of an inanimate object... any setting, any character, and it's bound to be a lovely and heartwarming (and in some cases, heartbreaking) experience! 

Great, thank you! We will both email the support page. Hopefully things are moving a bit faster now as the last email I sent over a month ago never got a response (which is why I posted here instead!). We will both email with the subject line "Transferring Bundle Earnings".


Thank you. I am not connected to the payouts system and would rather stay on direct-pay (though I will try to figure out the payouts system if that's the only option). Would it be possible to transfer the funds from that bundle to someone else who took part in it? There are several others who are connected the payouts system already and have offered to take the responsibility from me if that is possible.

Hi! I am the friend they mentioned! The bundle was called Roll +Bundle, and it was hosted by Eric from (I can get him to join the conversation too if you need him). 

The sales for the bundle were all directed to me so I could donate to the charity, but my account is set to direct-pay so I don't actually have access to any of that money. Is it possible to get it transferred to someone else from the bundle, or have it sent direct to my paypal, or what would be the best next steps? We raised over $3,000 and would really like to be able to donate it ASAP! Thank you!

I was a part of a charity bundle called Roll +Bundle that was hosted by Eric of and I volunteered to be in charge of donating the profit to the charity, so all of the sales were redirected to me. 

However, I have my account ( set to direct pay and was not aware that that didn’t work with bundles. Please tell me it is possible to access the funds! Can I get the sales sent to my PayPal so I can send them to the charity? Do I have to switch to the payout option and what would be the next steps after that to get access? I have people waiting on me to finish this :/

this game is absolutely beautiful! a perfect blend of melancholy and nostalgia, fulfilling in a quiet and bittersweet sort of way <3 i absolutely love it!!

Wagon Wheel is an absolutely wonderful game full of whimsy and fun and heartfelt moments! i love the Setting table because it has led to every game i've played being completely unique--and the whole concept of the game is beautiful. a story of restoration and healing and community, which will is something we all need right now.

absolutely in love with this game, the art, the writing, and the story we made with it <3

such a fun game, finding delight in the mundane tasks of every day by viewing them through the eyes of a ghostly protagonist!