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Thank you, thats very kind! I would really like to revisit and add more levels, add some sound and add some music <3

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i was in a bad mood earlier, I'm sorry about being a jerk. :(
AS far as the game, super cute and creative game. Im not sure if im just getting old but it seems liek the snake might be just a _tad_ too fast. either way, i got to like 7 highscore :)

it might be cool to get some of those light bulbs every 30 seconds or so, cause sometimes I couldnt get the word without the light bulb which required me to sacrifice myself haha

I really liked it! the level design was fun:) really challenging

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Isn't this supposed to be a game you developed during the game jam?

im sorry, dont mind me, im so rude

Love the artstyle!

Thank you!!!!!

<3 mayhaps I will be able to add some more levels!

That's very kind of you. I will remember this when I feel like stopping <3

im seeing this way late. Thank you for playing the game. it was a blast watching you play it. <3

hey there!

I feel like im being a stick in the mud by even asking, but how strict is the mutation theme?

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Ah okay that makes sense. i hope i didnt come off as too rude.  i appreciate your teams willingness to hear feedback and i appreciate your time <3

There's a game jam open right now that is ending in 1,700 years. Haha. Funny. Right? Haha. Im laughing. /s

In all seriousness, there are a bunch of game jams that have excessive time ranges. 1700 years, 77 years? In my opinion, anything exceeding a year shouldn't be allowed. They hog up a considerable amount of space on the jam page, among many other cons, and they're literally just memes.  Perhaps a filter would be a fair approach? Let us filter out those jams that are exceeding X duration? 

Thank you for all you do :)

i got super far. its very unique and the ambiance is perfect.

I loved it!!!!

Awesome! Thank you :)

Is there a way to remove previous game jams attended from the game jams page? Specifically the ones where I had no submission. Thanks!

Is there currently a way of removing previous attended game jams? These are jams I had joined but never submitted anything to. I'm sorry if this was supposed to be in a different forum. 

Those drills should definitely be spinning. ;) 

I loved watching you play it! I wish I had more time to add more levels and stuff :/ 

Thanks so much for giving the game a go <3

I'm glad you enjoyed the little game :)

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I took some of your advice and went ahead and changed the screenshot I had for the cover of the game. Thank you so much your input and Im super glad you enjoyed the lil game. <3

First of all, thank you so much for your input! It's greatly appreciated. It's very nice of you to take the time and write out your thoughts.

I agree with every part of what you said. I actually come from a quake 3/tf2/halo background where rocket jumping is pretty relevant. I had slower shooting rockets in there and utilized "sync" jumping a lot on my own but I had to take it out for a reason I can't remember to be honest. 

I have decided to continue this project so I'm going to be adding a lot more features. Similar to tf2, you can also pogo, which I wanted to use to create more levels. 

Again, thanks so much