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Replied to Platoonsgt1 in Bug Reports

I found a kind of cheat way of making money by putting out a ton of daggers out on the counter then I just wave the item they want in front of them pull it back they take the dagger I get money equivalent to the item they wanted.  Of course having the dagger in the most expensive materal and handle jacks up the price.

I don't know where to post this exactly but at what point in time do I unlock Ax heads and shield parts?  Just wondering because I am already breaking into iron and just want to see how far away it still is.  Also, is there any possible way to get a bigger shop or does it unlock after a certain point?  I saw on one YouTube video that their shop is much bigger and more spacious than my little one.

Replied to Platoonsgt1 in Bug Reports

Sorry I am talking about if I have a polearm on the LH shelf next to the counter and the customer wants a one-handed hammer.  I would hand them the one-handed hammer but they would take the polearm off the shelf leaving the one-handed hammer on the counter.

Oh almost forgot rotation doesn't work correctly in game.  I tried to rotate grips to fit onto my bench but I couldn't get it to rotate.

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Current Version 0.0.731

  1. If you have anything on the shelves next to the counter (left-hand side when you are facing outside the door),  If you sell something to someone they will take an item off that shelf instead of taken that Item you made.
  2. If you have something premade on the shelves and you try to take it off the shelf and hand it to the customer they don't register it's there, you have to break it apart and reassemble it.
  3. Swords mainly getting stuck in bench or wall when attaching to guards.  Usually when you have the blade in hand and guard on the bench.
  4. When picking up a piece off the ground after opening package another piece would tend to go flying off in a random direction.
  5. Jumping and getting stuck on something like the forge, water bucket, or rocks.
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How about being able to hire a shop assistant to man the shop while your working in the back.