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that was a strangely wholesome ending and i just love it, wow

i have noticed that in some browsers the game resizes itself to an unplayable state, in my desktop computer it plays at the right size but on my sirface pro it plays the same as you described, i dont know why and i didnt notice it before uploading, will try to fix it on the next update after voting ends, thanks for playing and for pointing it out ^^


haha, thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it

i think we all are bad at colsing ads haha, so glad that you liked it <3

thanks so much for the reply, glad you liked it, the ammount of ads is kinda random, some runs have far too many, some have too little, we found if to be funny and frustrating this way, i dont know what happened to the sound, we had a bg music and effects working here, but seems like it isnt working  on the HTML5 version, will have to look it up and update it,.
will look at the possibility of spreading the camera more, i think you are right, more time to react would be good.
thank you so much, will definitely try your game out ^^

thank you so much ^^

yeah, i know =/ was having a problem with my pico 8 intallation where i couldnt hear any audio, so, without bein able to hear, i was unnable to make audio too... will do audio for future jams ^^(i got a new pc that doesnt have the audio problem)

oh, i see, it kinda made the game harder haha, so i thought it could be intentional

that would be fun too, i followed ya so i can keep updated with it ^^ good luck

you should, its really fun to work with, thanks for the comment ^^

yeap, no audio for this one unfortunately, i am having problems with my pico-8 setup and i cant hear any audio on it in linux, so since i cant hear audio, i cant really do audio =/ my surface pro 4 will probably arrive tomorrow, hoping pico-8 works more smoothly on it so i can do some audio on it ^^

oh my god, i love this, my absolute favorite game from the jam, if you worked on a multiplayer mode and on a improved AI(this one was easy, got win in my first try) this could be a full game that i would buy on steam or nintendo switch even, actually, i probably would most definitively buy it on nintendo switch to play with friends at get togethers haha

i quite like the presentation here, and the gameplay is quite fun and simple, i only had a problem that when the platforms moved i would sometimes fall out of it cause of physics, dunno if this was intended or not

i had this problem times ten, like, the screen jittered so much that things got out of screen

the art is beautiful, the audio is beautiful, but i couldnt actually play it, some bug was making things go completely off screen and i couldnt see some of the graphics(?) i mean, i assume i couldnt, since there were empty areas and when i press the mouse a sound comes out but no graphics at all... could be a problem with me since i am playing it on chrome in linux, but just a heads up ^^ its really sad i couldnt play it, i quite liked the little i saw

loved the gameplay, the presentation is kinda lacking tho, the characters are really cute <3

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i quite liked the presentation, the graphics and sound design are great, i had a lot of issues with lag(playing in browser), so i dunno if that has something to do with crome or anything like that

UPDATE: playing some more games on the jam i noticed the problem is with me and unity web player, for some reason all unity games lagged as hell or failed to play at all here

thanks <3 i am using it for most of my jam projects cause i have a big project for it and i want to get used to its quirks and perks ^^

i cant say i understood what you are saying, what about bad language? i think the max it was said in the game is "hell" or "wtf"

i replayed it right now and its much better, it looks like something i would buy on steam even if just out of curiosity XD

there is just one thing, if you hold down on a platform in the second level you keep going up and down from the same platform instead of droping to the one bellow, i think this is a new bug caused by one of the fixes since i dont remember it happening before ^^

and sorry if i am looking too much into it, your game is still one of my favorites from the jam haha, trying to help ^^

man, this is by far my favorite submission up to now, this is just awesome and so much fun, a bit on the hard side imo, but maybe its just cause i always was really bad at pong XD

this is a great little game and i love the concept, but i had quite a lot of problems with lag for some reason while playing in browser

i love the concept of your paddle growing bigger in an spiral every time you hit the pill, it adds a lot to the challenge

this game is really pretty and the gameplay is creative, but the controls are not even near tight enough for it to be a fair game, i feel like when i jump i only get on the upper platform 60% of the time, and almost every time i try to go down one platform i end up going down 2 or more cause the button press is still being registered, this game would benefit a lot from some tighter controls.

all those issues are normal since its a jam game XD but i am leaving this comment here in case you wanna try to improve some things since the jam is still going for 4 more days.

this could be a really fun game and it is a great concept, i would like to see more done with it ^^