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Olivia and the PongView game page

Platformer pong for the faint of heart
Submitted by Fred Bird (@mostly_fred) — 5 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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Olivia and the Pong's page

Follow the adventures of Olivia and the Pong in this platformer pong game. Why not?

Do you grant FEMICOM permission to include this game in a CD-ROM compilation?

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lil update #2

Got the fast-fall and platform relationship sorted out.


Made a lil update 

-jump is stronger

-You can now double-jump

-Going through a platform is not a fast-fall (this is my fix for now, we'll see what else I can do)

-Wall jumping is easier

-The Pong has an upgraded AI, it's not really harder for the most part but it has the potential to be :D


this game is really pretty and the gameplay is creative, but the controls are not even near tight enough for it to be a fair game, i feel like when i jump i only get on the upper platform 60% of the time, and almost every time i try to go down one platform i end up going down 2 or more cause the button press is still being registered, this game would benefit a lot from some tighter controls.

all those issues are normal since its a jam game XD but i am leaving this comment here in case you wanna try to improve some things since the jam is still going for 4 more days.

this could be a really fun game and it is a great concept, i would like to see more done with it ^^


These are good points and Imma look into it. Thanks! :3


i replayed it right now and its much better, it looks like something i would buy on steam even if just out of curiosity XD

there is just one thing, if you hold down on a platform in the second level you keep going up and down from the same platform instead of droping to the one bellow, i think this is a new bug caused by one of the fixes since i dont remember it happening before ^^

and sorry if i am looking too much into it, your game is still one of my favorites from the jam haha, trying to help ^^

Developer (1 edit)

quite the contrary, I deeply appreciate the feedback! I really should have tested the fix on all the levels :B

--hmmmmm yeah, the fact the platforms are tilted in that level messes up the fix...