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Fred Bird

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Oh! This was super neat! I only wanted more, which is a good thing to want from a jam game.

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic thank you

This was exactly what I wanted and perfectly what I needed. I wandered and wondered and laughed and it made me dang happy. Thank you.

thank you! The abomination could probably use the cuddles, they have a rough life.

I accidentally did the wrong ending and had to immediately run back through to kiss krys

haha, thank you!

This is the first instance of a game of mine being lets played! I feel special.

I see, that's something to consider, thank you.

Finished after a year of procrastination! 

Armed with a divine sword and a ravenous appetite, rid the world of the abominations that plague it.  And maybe make some friends along the way.

CONSUME_EVIL is a platformer all about dodging and weaving through waves of projectiles using a short-range teleportation skill.  It's also an interactive fiction with five unique "romance" "storylines" unlocked through gameplay.


These words warm my heart.

I guess it just doesn't know how to handle randomness in lifespan... I can work with that.

For most of the effects I had done to this point it didn't matter or even worked just fine and I was fully happy with the amazing tool I had purchased.

However I have come across several cases where the animation did not in fact loop. This especially seems to become a problem on longer loops - and is compounded by the fact the export doesn't actually handle manually setting a number of frames higher than the frames bar naturally allows to circumvent the few cases where making a longer animation can replace making a loop. 

Just to be clear, the music is still NOT GOOD. I didn't change it. You just HAVE to listen to it now.

I just wanted you to know that I loved this. And I love you for making it. Thank you.

Thank you! :3

(1 edit)

quite the contrary, I deeply appreciate the feedback! I really should have tested the fix on all the levels :B

--hmmmmm yeah, the fact the platforms are tilted in that level messes up the fix...

lil update #2

Got the fast-fall and platform relationship sorted out.

Going through platforms is now fully fixed

Should be anyway...

Made a lil update 

-jump is stronger

-You can now double-jump

-Going through a platform is not a fast-fall (this is my fix for now, we'll see what else I can do)

-Wall jumping is easier

-The Pong has an upgraded AI, it's not really harder for the most part but it has the potential to be :D

These are good points and Imma look into it. Thanks! :3

That does sound pretty good, I might just try it.

It's actually necessary for a couple of levels. I'll go ahead and add a list of moves to the page at least.

Good on you getting out without it though XD

If you get stuck on the Pong's side of the wall on a level that has such a thing, you can climb over it. Olivia has a wall-jumping ability :3

The design here is really dope, but it's also more interesting than anything the player actually does in the game. I think it could be developed into something rad for sure.

Cute babies oh gosh

the realness of a lot of it just makes it that much more cute, like, I've lived through almost every beat of this... just so relatable.

I appreciate these wholesome little kinky kobolds and their care for safe practices.