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this is our favourite series! probably the easiest of the lot, but the puzzles were fun, and having little buddy do the action segment felt very right. they feel underutilized in the other games, and separating the tasks like that just makes it work perfectly.

ps. hype as hell for the sunken city!

why thank you UuU

thank you for playing our weird game!

yeah that did it thank you!

so we uploaded a bunch of lil music videos what we made, and in the editor the video plays where the album cover is: rad :3
but once zipped and uploaded there's just nothing there: sad :(

it's cute! some of the levels that hinge on speed for completion are a bit frustrating, but overall a good time.

option for plural pronoun ;v;
the whole creation is so in-depth!

The art is cute, the idea of the clocks is fun but doesn't work very well, the controls are slippery, the camera lags too far behind, and the hits out of whack. Because of the text at the start, we thought we had to break the clocks, which we found was a more fun goal, but eventually we found they're for stopping time except the hitboxes still hurt, which goes against the functionality.

This is very sweet, thank you.
We've been working on the next installment, it's slow progress but we hope you'll enjoy it as well!

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic yes yes yes

Said yes to every single question, won the council, my town is doing awesome. This is a good game.

oops re-exporting in 3.2 messed up the sound :B
Got that fixed now though.

That would an error. Was it perhaps in the lab (blue) room? I think I've fixed it.

Thank you! Yes! Godot is my weapon of choice, very pleasant to use.
Do you have wings yet? Wings are pretty important *wink*

after  the prompts there is nothing happening. (web)

Oh! This was super neat! I only wanted more, which is a good thing to want from a jam game.

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic thank you

This was exactly what I wanted and perfectly what I needed. I wandered and wondered and laughed and it made me dang happy. Thank you.

thank you! The abomination could probably use the cuddles, they have a rough life.

I accidentally did the wrong ending and had to immediately run back through to kiss krys

haha, thank you!

This is the first instance of a game of mine being lets played! I feel special.

I see, that's something to consider, thank you.

Finished after a year of procrastination! 

Armed with a divine sword and a ravenous appetite, rid the world of the abominations that plague it.  And maybe make some friends along the way.

CONSUME_EVIL is a platformer all about dodging and weaving through waves of projectiles using a short-range teleportation skill.  It's also an interactive fiction with five unique "romance" "storylines" unlocked through gameplay.


These words warm my heart.

I guess it just doesn't know how to handle randomness in lifespan... I can work with that.

For most of the effects I had done to this point it didn't matter or even worked just fine and I was fully happy with the amazing tool I had purchased.

However I have come across several cases where the animation did not in fact loop. This especially seems to become a problem on longer loops - and is compounded by the fact the export doesn't actually handle manually setting a number of frames higher than the frames bar naturally allows to circumvent the few cases where making a longer animation can replace making a loop. 

Just to be clear, the music is still NOT GOOD. I didn't change it. You just HAVE to listen to it now.

I just wanted you to know that I loved this. And I love you for making it. Thank you.

Thank you! :3

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quite the contrary, I deeply appreciate the feedback! I really should have tested the fix on all the levels :B

--hmmmmm yeah, the fact the platforms are tilted in that level messes up the fix...

lil update #2

Got the fast-fall and platform relationship sorted out.

Going through platforms is now fully fixed

Should be anyway...

Made a lil update 

-jump is stronger

-You can now double-jump

-Going through a platform is not a fast-fall (this is my fix for now, we'll see what else I can do)

-Wall jumping is easier

-The Pong has an upgraded AI, it's not really harder for the most part but it has the potential to be :D

These are good points and Imma look into it. Thanks! :3

That does sound pretty good, I might just try it.

It's actually necessary for a couple of levels. I'll go ahead and add a list of moves to the page at least.

Good on you getting out without it though XD

If you get stuck on the Pong's side of the wall on a level that has such a thing, you can climb over it. Olivia has a wall-jumping ability :3

The design here is really dope, but it's also more interesting than anything the player actually does in the game. I think it could be developed into something rad for sure.

Cute babies oh gosh

the realness of a lot of it just makes it that much more cute, like, I've lived through almost every beat of this... just so relatable.