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imperfect loops

A topic by Fred Bird created Jan 21, 2019 Views: 175 Replies: 2
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For most of the effects I had done to this point it didn't matter or even worked just fine and I was fully happy with the amazing tool I had purchased.

However I have come across several cases where the animation did not in fact loop. This especially seems to become a problem on longer loops - and is compounded by the fact the export doesn't actually handle manually setting a number of frames higher than the frames bar naturally allows to circumvent the few cases where making a longer animation can replace making a loop. 

For perfect loops normally with pressing the lopp animation should work, just press at the end of editing. I mean, if you press loop animation, but after that you still do some value changes you will have to press again.

If you still have some issues check the particle life to see if match with the frames to render. Also check the examples of rain, radial stars that does the same thing you want to do in a perfect loop to see what is causing the problems.


I guess it just doesn't know how to handle randomness in lifespan... I can work with that.