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Thanks :) Your videos are always fun!

Created a new topic General Feedback Thread

Hi everyone,

Thanks for playing. This thread is to capture general feedback, comments, bug reports, etc.



I really liked how the pets/EMT part of the narrative was revealed as you walked past a dog and cat and ambulance :) Also, not sure if intentional, but I liked how the change to Brooklyn had the character drop down from the sky a bit.

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Hey this is super cool! I'm posting the final build in a few minutes, and it fixes a ton of stuff. I hope you give it a play as well :)

Edit: Version 1.2 is now posted and ready for play!

Ok, cool. Here's my first impression level feedback after completing the tutorial and playing the main game for a bit:

  • Controls menu: when I press escape, it returns to main screen, not previous options menu
  • Tutorial text to introduce each stage felt like it took about twice as long as it needed to. Perhaps a "got it" button to dismiss or something would help
  • 6 colors seems like it would be impossible with a keyboard and mouse using the default keys (1-6 on top row), since I only have 4 fingers, thumb on space, and right hand on arrows. Numpad + WASD may help, but 6 is a lot (but I guess that makes it harder, which is good for master/expert folks). As a point of comparison, Guitar Hero is really hard on expert, and it only has 5 colors. Though, 6 allows for high ceiling, and speed runners can post a video of them doing the impossible :) I guess as long as the difficulty curve is shallow enough so folks don't bounce off right away (easy to learn, hard to master and all that etc)
  • The bouncy/tweened titles seem to bounce a tad too low, and nearly clip into the menu items. Looks great, just maybe move a little higher? (I used fullscreen @ 1080p if that matters)
  • The main menu "(press enter)" text feels like it should fade in maybe a touch sooner. Most people will get it and know to press enter or space in video games, but perhaps some will not know what to do and feel alienated as a result.
  • Controls: When using WASD controls, the main menu "stopped working". But it was just that I tried to use arrows too. Perhaps always use arrows/enter for menus, in addition to WASD to avoid confusion
  • Menu options are a bit confusing, as the title changes, and the value appears. The color matching helps, but I think it could be more explicit. Mocked up an image to show you what I mean: http://imgur.com/2X88OAN
  • The menu could be zazzed up with some subtle sounds for menu selection, etc. And maybe move those gray box outlines very slowly as well as fade in/out to give it some depth and make it feel like I'm "in" the game
  • It would be handy to be able to view previous and/or best runs without going into the play menu

Do you plan to get VO work for the main voice?

These minor items aside, this game is very fun, and provides a great challenge. Acing patterns is hard, even on novice, but sustaining play is achievable. I will be jumping into this game often when I feel like I have a good run in me, like I did with super hexagon. I hope this is helpful stuff. Looking forward to seeing more progress and slaying the higher difficulties some day :D

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This is really fun so far, and very hard. My best so far is 48.35s, 17r, 11a. I think this could benefit from a custom arcade controller or even a game pad. Something that might be helpful is an on screen visual aid for which colors match which numbers/keys. Either that, or I will have to stick coloured labels on my keyboard :)

I'm not sure how much sort of "polish" feedback you're looking for at this stage, but I did notice some things that can be tightened up from a feel perspective.

In any case, nice work so far. Looking forward to more. I hope you get on steam :)