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I am seeing frequent crashes but this is otherwise a pretty fun time


unfortunately, no. I have no idea.

Ah, sorry, I dont know. I dont have access to a chromebook at the moment either, unfortunately.

FWIW I have both version 9.16.1 AND 9.17.1, and this error only occurs when I try to run 9.17.1. The older version still runs fine.

Error text same as that posted by EspritDeCorpse38.

Running win7 ultimate 64 bit

Hi Moon Lord, I gave this a try and it appears to be working on my end. Can you try again? Thanks!

Thanks :)

Oh awesome, that is great to hear. This title is at the top of my list for next personal project to ship a full(er) version of!

Ah sorry those orange instructions were new from last time. Thanks!

(I think this one got missed in my original submission. Thanks!)

Re-posting to the thread (I think?) 

thanks for doing this <3

If you have access to a Xbox One controller, can you verify it works with that? Otherwise, I am not sure :|

That's great. Thanks for playing! :D

fun game! :)

great send off for wizard jam :D

Very good :)

The attention to detail in each plastic accessory is very good. 

It wasn't entirely clear from the video for me what the top center HUD element was for. I like the shaking and slight Z-oscillation of the various pieces.  Looking forward to more updates! :)

Great post. The game is looking good. Looking forward to seeing more :D

Will you add cut marks onto the paved surface as well? I feel like the pavement chunks are perhaps a bit too bold and visible in the GIFs. It seems like the sparks are sort of originating from a general zone around the edge of the car, rather from a specific point of friction. But once you get these dialed in, I think it will add a lot to the visual experience. Maybe some light gamepad rumble, too! :)

Glad you liked it :)

Linux build uploaded :) I have not tested it, and cannot really support it, but I hope it works! :)

It took a couple tries for me to realize that I could wall jump, but after that I did okay. I got a score of 24 points, I hope that's pretty good?

Mac OSX build uploaded (untested, though)

Thanks! I had a lot of fun making each toy/control feel as nice as I could :)

Good point! I can build one and post it, but I won't be able to test it as I don't have a mac. I'll list it as such. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Yes, it's a pretty in depth game, but super fun I think. Thanks for playing! :)

This is very, very fun! I find myself going back to best my time, then realize I've been doing laps for 20 minutes. I think you've got something here, hope it turns into a bigger project (or at least gets leaderboards! :D)

Thanks :) I hope to incorporate the jam feedback into a revised version of the jam game, and add keep working on it :)

Hi all,

I've just released Zombies!, a compact and fun arcade shoot em up. 

You can get the game right over here:

About The Game

You have one goal: DON'T DIE.

You must survive the zombie invasion and defend the hospital. Protect the sick people from getting infected. If you fail, you may just live to regret it.

If a zombie touches you, you get hurt. Shoot the zombies to defeat them. Most zombies drop useful loot. Some are more useful than others, so choose wisely when your ammo is low.

Thanks for checking it out!


Thanks :) Your videos are always fun!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for playing. This thread is to capture general feedback, comments, bug reports, etc.



I really liked how the pets/EMT part of the narrative was revealed as you walked past a dog and cat and ambulance :) Also, not sure if intentional, but I liked how the change to Brooklyn had the character drop down from the sky a bit.

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Hey this is super cool! I'm posting the final build in a few minutes, and it fixes a ton of stuff. I hope you give it a play as well :)

Edit: Version 1.2 is now posted and ready for play!

Ok, cool. Here's my first impression level feedback after completing the tutorial and playing the main game for a bit:

  • Controls menu: when I press escape, it returns to main screen, not previous options menu
  • Tutorial text to introduce each stage felt like it took about twice as long as it needed to. Perhaps a "got it" button to dismiss or something would help
  • 6 colors seems like it would be impossible with a keyboard and mouse using the default keys (1-6 on top row), since I only have 4 fingers, thumb on space, and right hand on arrows. Numpad + WASD may help, but 6 is a lot (but I guess that makes it harder, which is good for master/expert folks). As a point of comparison, Guitar Hero is really hard on expert, and it only has 5 colors. Though, 6 allows for high ceiling, and speed runners can post a video of them doing the impossible :) I guess as long as the difficulty curve is shallow enough so folks don't bounce off right away (easy to learn, hard to master and all that etc)
  • The bouncy/tweened titles seem to bounce a tad too low, and nearly clip into the menu items. Looks great, just maybe move a little higher? (I used fullscreen @ 1080p if that matters)
  • The main menu "(press enter)" text feels like it should fade in maybe a touch sooner. Most people will get it and know to press enter or space in video games, but perhaps some will not know what to do and feel alienated as a result.
  • Controls: When using WASD controls, the main menu "stopped working". But it was just that I tried to use arrows too. Perhaps always use arrows/enter for menus, in addition to WASD to avoid confusion
  • Menu options are a bit confusing, as the title changes, and the value appears. The color matching helps, but I think it could be more explicit. Mocked up an image to show you what I mean:
  • The menu could be zazzed up with some subtle sounds for menu selection, etc. And maybe move those gray box outlines very slowly as well as fade in/out to give it some depth and make it feel like I'm "in" the game
  • It would be handy to be able to view previous and/or best runs without going into the play menu

Do you plan to get VO work for the main voice?

These minor items aside, this game is very fun, and provides a great challenge. Acing patterns is hard, even on novice, but sustaining play is achievable. I will be jumping into this game often when I feel like I have a good run in me, like I did with super hexagon. I hope this is helpful stuff. Looking forward to seeing more progress and slaying the higher difficulties some day :D

This is really fun so far, and very hard. My best so far is 48.35s, 17r, 11a. I think this could benefit from a custom arcade controller or even a game pad. Something that might be helpful is an on screen visual aid for which colors match which numbers/keys. Either that, or I will have to stick coloured labels on my keyboard :)

I'm not sure how much sort of "polish" feedback you're looking for at this stage, but I did notice some things that can be tightened up from a feel perspective.

In any case, nice work so far. Looking forward to more. I hope you get on steam :)