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This is awesome! I love how simple yet polished it is in every aspect... seems like you scoped super well for the jam. The duck even respawns to prevent you from hard-locking if you throw it out the window. Super impressive entry!

My one critique (although I very much like the minimalist approach) would be that you could potentially increase the font size and move the inventory next to the item descriptions, since you have so much screen space.

Hey! Can't find a way to play or download this currently. Just wanted to let you know, if you didn't already!

Cute sound effects and art make this really satisfying to play :) My only immediate thought is that you could decrease point values over time on targets that are not hit to incentivize faster reactions (and make getting a higher score more difficult!) Overall, difficulty still scaled well and I really enjoyed playing!

What the heck, this is actually so cute and fun! Definitely felt like it was a lot harder after I died the first time, but I hit 14558 :)

Best game ever

Awesome mechanic with a ton of potential! The level design was really well designed and well paced (the only spot I had trouble with was the final key up high, skill issue). Clear visual language with the lanterns bright purple makes the level understandable. Lots of polish in animations, screen tilt, fog, etc. Well scoped, too.

 I hope you go back and turn this into a slightly longer/more polished experience because I would love to play it!


Super well executed & in scope game. Love the little SFX for abilities. The only bug I found was I was able to sneak sideways through blocks, and I wasn't sure if this was intentional. Regardless, it felt cool to sneak through them to escape the guards!

Great work! 

Insane entry, I should take scope lessons from you

Already see some bugs to fix and some sequences to change. Thanks for recording your experience!

Not sure about this... the updated build on our page's box link might have it fixed. It also breaks on play > main menu > play, so that might be the issue. If you play this updated link, please don't judge that build for the jam !

We contemplating titling the game "overscoped"

I love how peaceful this game feels!! Just wish I had a friend to play it with... haha...

The one piece of feedback I have is that W and feels a little weird to me to move forward with. I kept wanting to use space for some reason... but since it's two players I understand.

Great work y'all.

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This is really impressive for a week-long jam! Here is some feedback I had playing:

- I loved the looping level design. Although the level as a whole felt a little bit large, y'all made areas feel distinctly themed, used cool indoor/outdoor variation, had a lot of cool verticality, and used good stair connections (not just in hallways, but in the center of rooms. This is great). I mention the level being a bit big because even though ranged weapons had massive cooldowns, the strat still felt like it was to run around until they came back online, which was not too difficult within the large space.

- The melee enemies were really hard when using a melee weapon. Even putting a translucent red sphere where they are attacking (or for their attack radius) would be better than nothing (assuming no time for animations, understandable!) because even though it may feel unpolished, it conveys that information to the player, which is essential.

- Assuming time constraint again, but a cooldown bar for attacks (especially ranged) would be great information to convey to the player. I also think lowering cooldowns would feel a lot better, but I'm assuming this was for balance.

- My favorite part was the ranged enemies. They had cool sounds and were dope looking.

- Finally, I really liked the flow of the game and the way you used the theme. I'm assuming that there were more plans for weapons, which would've been a fun great way to keep me playing, maybe even unlocking after x waves completed. The biggest change I would make would be that, after you die, resting fully heals you, and instead of healing instantly on health pickups, you find health potions that you can drink later to last longer during waves. I think this would better connect the two modes.

- Overall, super impressive work y'all. Awesome job.

Super juicy feel and the only correct answer to scope for a jam


Very cool art and soundtrack. I like being able to stand on toast to get around obstacles/make jumps. It gives more options and requires some thinking

thank you !!

Lots of awesome juice and polish. Really love the screen distortion 

Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed :)

Gave me Inscryption vibes with all the polish... Awesome work 

This is so cute!! Love the art and animations

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Thank you!! Yours is great too!!

thanks!! <3 check back again soon for more...



Thanks so much! Hopefully more content to be added eventually >:) 

I got some feedback from someone else as well that some of the bullet types should have the range changed to try and force the player to get closer- I completely agree and I feel like the green guys are kind of useless cause of the range haha. Thanks so much for the feedback!

The game is really charming and the art and style is great. However, the player movement is the biggest feature that the game revolves around and it's difficult to handle. If you tuned this up a bit, the game would be a lot more fun. I also like the system of killing enemies every three seconds with three health to stay alive- it represents the theme well and reminds me of Hungry Knight. Great work!

I think I commented on the game page instead of this one, but this game was really cool and polished. I love the art and background music, and the weapons (especially ball orb thing!!) felt really good to use. I also like large variety of enemies with different enemies having different weaknesses, but maybe that could be more clear- originally I thought enemy color pertained to which weapon to use, but I don't think that is the case. Also, having only one attack button attack based on the way you're facing instead of four for each direction might help simplify the controls. The score board was also a really cool addition. Anyways, really great and fun submission!

Nice submission! If you're looking for feedback, the mechanics were a really interesting and fun take on the theme, but the movement did feel a little restrictive. Making the player move faster or making the attack faster/more responsive would do wonders and keep the player more engaged.

Thanks so much! More to come!

I as well liked the art and mood the game conveyed! Working off of what simsinnati said, adding areas that are paths on one maze but walls on another might make the player think harder before choosing where to go (for example, three different paths, only one of them all three mazes have). Regardless, great submission!

Cool game!

If you're looking for some feedback:

- Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think there needs to be a moveable camera. Just a stationary camera with some screenshake for feedback would be really great!

-Feedback such as a noise when you can't attack or when you can't move would also be really good

-The gameplay is very smooth and I liked the different card effects. They really added gameplay depth!

- The music, sprites, and cards all go really well together and you represented the theme really well!

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Really fantastic art and simple but fun gameplay! Great game! I also loved the character design, especially the slime when it turned into a hammer or a trophy if it won!

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Thank you!! Great feedback that I'll look into!

Thank you so much!

Same- when starting, you have to adjust FOV to un-blackscreen, then set it back to normal to move the mouse. Other than that, the game works smoothly and is lots of fun!

I love the art, and the music in the background is very nice and fits the setting.