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Alright, sounds good. Thanks again!

As a follow up to this thread: how far back are players able to download old versions of a game? Are old versions available indefinitely, or are there limits in terms of version age and-or the amount of data uploaded to a channel?

It does, thanks.

Yeah, it sounds like I misunderstood them; thanks. What I don’t follow though is:

Then butler will create a history for each channel, and users using the Itch app will be allowed to select a previous version, if they want.

When downloading through the app I don’t have the option of downloading older versions uploaded to a channel, I only have the option of which channel I want to use.

For the game the Battle for Wesnoth, major releases are handled in the following way:

  • Even numbered versions (for example, 1.14.x) are considered the “stable” series and only get smaller bug fixes.
  • Odd numbered versions (for example, 1.15.x) are considered the “development” series and are where major changes are made, including things that are not backwards compatible.

Eventually though, development on the 1.15 series will finish and it will become the next stable series: 1.16.

The questions:

  • What happens to the channel if I click the “Delete file” button on the “Edit game” page? Does it delete the entire channel, or does the channel still exist but it’s no longer available for download?
  • What happens to players who are using a channel after “Delete file” is clicked?
  • Is butler able to rename a channel? For example, to rename the 1.15 channel to 1.16? I am aware of the “Change display name” option, which is not what I’m asking about.