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so excited about the updates, really looking forward to the digital one!! thank you for all the work youre doing here, its so cool

This was really good!! I kept yelling at the narrator to not stay in the flat (but where could they go???), the timing of the sounds really fit with the delivery of the words and I was holding my breath for a lot of it, thank you for sharing!

i liked this a lot and now im gonna go try to make something, thank you!

I love this and it's made my whole weekend thank you!!

really enjoyed playing this. i hope youre doing okay. thank you so much for sharing.

yes! and this music fits so well i love this! 

thank you for creating this. i wish you didn't have to, but thank you for giving me a kind of permission to be truthful about what happen(s). 

idk. thank you v much for this 

thank you! thank you for checking it out! 

thank you! and thank you for playing and commenting! 

i think it should be working now!

thanks so much for this comment, it made me smile, thank you!!