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Thanks bud

Thanks , yeah will make improvements and update this game soon .

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Thankyou , Will take your feedback and I never expected so many people to comment on my small game , It really means a lot

really good , as got a lot of feedback and comments I never expected , Actually this my first time participating in a game jam .

hi , How You Doing

Thank you buddy

I thought of it and when I had changed to mouse controls , there was a bug . But thank you for your feedback and its a really good motivation for a beginner like me .

Thank you , its a great motivation for a begginer like me.

But still its a good game with highscore and score right .

really sorry , thought it was a jam and did not add levels

Can we submit more than one game

its me

Thanks didnt know

Hello , I am a begginer in game development , I make 2d games with the help of gdevelop . I had already made a prototype game called SPACEMEN . 

And , is there any rule that we should not release announcements frequent .

i thought , yesterday's game was removed , as i had a delay to upload image .

hahaha its me again

oh , its me again

its me again

hello its me

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 This is an adventure , space , platformer , prototype game .

can you help me

i dont know where to post the screenshot

Me again

Me again

Heloo its me again

Hello its me again .

(1 edit) This is a good , action , adventure , platformer , prototype game . I am a begginer , please support me . This game is a space based game . A classic platfromer game .