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Thanks a lot for playing!

The limited color palette is actually making things easier for me, this limitation focus more on shape/textures without the need of worrying about colors. It's a nice excercise and has a nice flow once you get used to it.

I've been working on a new UI for the store since this demo was released, and I will add it to the next version as soon as I get it ready. You can check it out here:

And for sure there are more content to come.

I've played with mouse only, up to this point. there I had to play with the keyboard because the camera got a bit stuck behind the boss.

Awesome project! The story and gameplay reminds me of "Rhapsody a musical adventure", it reads like a child's fairy tale. The overworld and NPCs really makes this game cozy. Since I know this project was made in love2D make sure to post it on love2D subreddit people will really like it there and will bring some attention to both the game and the engine you're creating. (also consider sending it to the game from scratch youtube channel which covers game engines as well). On a techinical level this is really impressive and there are a lot of systems already in place that can be used to create a bigger project going forward.

One feedback I can give is to try to center the camera back to the player(at least to the one who's turn is active) when it's the player turn again, this isn't a issue on most battles but I had a bit of trouble with it on the boss battle where the camera goes to the back of the stage. Like I said before, this is overall a really cozy game and I'm excited to see more of it!

My intention was to let it be available as a browser game from the start, but the build wasn't running on the browser so I had to quickly scramble to submit the downloadable versions. Yeah, I will make sure it builds right on the web before I try to upload it again, but it isn't the focus right now.

> Aside of that, a Screen detailing (tutorial) of the UI would be nice. I cant seem to figure out what the 10 dropplets add to the gameflow or how to use them.

Sorry for that it is something I left there, I still don't know if I will implement a watering system, but it is planned to be the upgrading system, but I'm still not sure about it.

I have a lot of stuff planned, if you want to know what is going on I post stuff on my tumblr blog and my mastodon account.

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thanks for the feedback! yeah the towers share stats at the moment, but the snails are beatable, it's just difficult.

Yeah, I'm planning on adding a palette picker once I have more gameplay going, it would be a bit of wasted effort to add it now since there is a lot of stuff missing from the game right now. I think that's a feature with most of the low rez games that I have played, one that comes to mind is downwell.

So here’s how the game is right now.

  • Changed the UI 
  • Added Mouse and Touch Screen support

Currently working on 

  • Adding new enemies
  • Adding general UI to the game (Pause + Main Menu)

Bugs To Fix 

  • Plants are shooting outside of the range of the plants

Planning Review

I think it is going to be a good thing moving forward, to try and look back on old planning and also consider the next steps for the Tower Defense project.

I had to clear up my mind on what I was thinking first, so I made this mind map

From this I figured out that my game needs more aspects of gardening in it, since it was my original goal with the game.

Right now the game is pretty generic mechanically, it is your standard Tower Defense, so to change things up here are the new game mechanics:

 - Move Flower Pots around the stage

 - Plants will get upgraded over time depending how long they survive

 - You need to water your plants for them to keep growing.

I would say that this concept is pretty unique even with the obvious comparison with Plants vs Zombies it is still different enough to not get the two mixed up.

Today I've implemented a new enemy to the game: the snail, a slow moving enemy with a lot of health

This is a project that I started as a Entry for the GBJam, it couldn't be finished in time but I'm still working on it going forward.

The Idea is to create a tower deffense where you try to protect a garden from common garden pests.

It was also a good excuse for me to start toying around with Godot 4, even if I don't make use of many of the new features, but I would say I benefited from the new version.

Here's how it started.

This is what I had at the end of the GBJam.

Store system with temporary towers

And this is what it looks like right now:

That's a great improvement from the Jam version! it's a fun gameplay loop. I've encountered 2 fun glitches as well, I wouldn't hurry to fix them because they're nice:
 - If you get hit at the same time as a level up you will become invincible forever.

 - If you click one of the upgrades and then click on the weapon upgrade quickly you can double spend every level, you just need to be quick about it.

Hey there! Online I'm a pixel artist who is creating a megaman inspired fighting game, hopefully I don't drop this one like the many projects I've dropped before. Outside of my online persona I'm a web developer who wants to transition into game development. 

I really appreciate what is going on with the community and I want to be part of that!