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Some grid lines would go a long way toward making the games easier to play

I second this. A lot of the UI made the game harder to play than it needed to be

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Very beautiful game. I especially liked the difference in art style between the killer's perspective and the detective's perspective. (Although for a moment, I thought the detective and the murderer were going to be revealed to be the same person, and that would have been an amazing twist.)

Well, I have been making my own cartoon on my Youtube page. I don't have any open roles right now, but if you give me your contact info, I can let you know if any open up.

I really liked the easter egg voice line for putting the sun in the castle.

This is great, and is already well on the way to being a game people would pay real money for.

Instant drops would have been a huge boost to the game,

The voice acting is top notch, even if the game is a little simple.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

It wasn't that wacky! It was just trigonometry to find perpendicular angles and the direction the bullet is going to miss on, plus a weighting function to move more in response to close bullets. (okay, the weighting function was a little wacky, but that's only because it could be anything as long as it was an inverse function.)

Howdy pardner. It appears there's 'bout ta' be a hurricane movin' through these parts. Wanna have a duel?

But in all seriousness, this was a clever idea that was really fun to play. The only thing is that I think it would have been better if the camera was directly behind the bullet, so it is easier to aim.

Lots of fun.  I like the fast paced planning you have to do. I think the lazer robot is a little too weak, espescially since it requires the most planning to effectively use.

I love the idea.
The game itself is pretty fun, although Morio tends to clip into the ground which can be pretty game breaking at times.

I really like the idea behind the game. It was a lot of fun, and I found myself wanting more.

I really like the presentation and idea, and I think the gameplay would be fun too, but I keep getting stuck on the card flip phase and I can't progress past round 3

Thank you.
We have a build with the button working, but we were not able to get it onto the page in time.
Oh well.

I love the death animation

This was really fun. Some of the level design was really clever. The crushing walls were a little buggy, and didn't load or start properly, but I still enjoyed the game

Well I feel silly now.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hey, remember me from last game jam?

This is a cool idea, and I really love the art.

Unfortuately, right now the movement is a bit too slippery and it makes platforming pretty frustrating. 

Really clever idea! It was a lot of fun, but it took me a little while to realize that "find the imposter" was the only minigame that would fail you if you took too long.

My best score was 30

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There are endings for sparing every enemy and killing more than 5 enemies. I don't think it's possible to spare everyone and win with the current game balance.

Detective Noir wakes up in a dark alleyway with a pain in his head like a gorilla on a pipe organ. All his ability cards have vanished without a trace! 

Now he has to find his missing abilities and the fool that attacked him. 

So much for a quiet night.

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After two years of work, I have finally released Jane Skriff. As an entirely self made project, it took a lot of work, but I learned much and produced a game I am proud of. It would make me really happy if you checked it out.

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Thank you for your review.

This is great. The ending really got me.

Thanks. :)