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Walker Perkins

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Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it :D

Thanks so much for playing!

I agree - I made this for LOW REZ JAM 2019 with limited time, so I did not get a chance to add many "quality of life" features.

I plan to update this for maximum user-friendliness in the near future :)

Thank you so much for playing!

"This game is addicting AF. I'd play this on my phone [while] pooping if I could."
LOL! Brilliant quote - I may have to use it :D|

Incidentally, it hadn't occurred to me, but I think I could add touch controls pretty easily! I may have to do that... o_O

This was really cute! One of my favorite features of the game - your slime trail covers the text in the intro rooms. I spent a nice amount of time "sliming" around on them.

Much appreciated, S-Cov!

Thank you so much! Yes I also tend to lose to the platforms more often than the monsters, lol!  :D

Thank you for playing!

Gorgeous artwork! I am terrible at these types of games, but I just love to look at them. Super satisfying feedback visuals - I only wish there were sound effects to add to the overall "juiciness" :)

Thanks so much for playing! The video was great :D

Thanks so much! :D

Thanks for playing! I appreciate the comment on difficulty. I am considering making the smaller platforms less common at lower heights. Do you think that help?

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. :D

That's great to hear! Thank you!

Yes those small platforms can be a bit tricky - perhaps I could make them occur less often? o_O

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing :D!

An excellent suggestion! Thanks for playing :D

Love it. Awesome character design - conceptually fresh :D

Incidentally - I also submitted an infinite jumper for this jam! Seems to fit the format well.

In the video you posted, you are hitting your head on the platform above you. You'll need to jump from the side so you can get on top of the platform. Thanks for the video, that was helpful to see what was going on!

Here's a short play-through that kind of shows the timing:

Yep, just releasing the space bar. Timing is key for landing the jumps. Thanks for trying it out!

Thank you so much! :D

Thank you! That's very kind :D I had a blast making this.

Those fish arms are so funny! I'd love to see other fighters to choose from... Like a clam with long muscular legs for kickin'. :D

I really appreciate that! Thank you :D

That looks really good! No I did not download it, I played it in the browser. That is probably the issue.

I couldn't make it past the second room - maybe there was supposed to be a cube in there? I could not find it. Sometimes the ultra bright lighting made the cube hard to spot, though - see screenshot.

The bubble gun looks cool as heck!

The diver is cute :)

When I got a game over, I hit "replay" and he was gone. The camera still moved, but the sprite seemed to disappear...

I love the sticker effect for your sprites. The drop-shadow is a really nice touch as well. A visually polished game in a fun & unique style.

Gameplay was fun and simple :D

The bubble behavior/animation is really nice. Sun rays looks really good, too.

Well done - I love the NES color palette limitation you've given yourself. The sprites and animations look great. :D

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(Me trying to create an impenetrable bubble barrier)^

Pico-8 seems like a neat tool! I would have liked a sound effect for popping the bubbles. Great lo-rez drawing and animation. :D

Really neat color palette and character design!

Thanks so much!

Lawn mowers unite!

Can you make a new link? That one is expired.

There was not a whole lot of depth to this one, but it was amusing. It seemed like there was no way to win - how appropriate XD.