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Vector Zero Online2

This game is Still in Progress Vector Zero Online Vector Zero Online by VZGames (


Why isn't the game getting updated anymore?

A: The Game Files Got Corruperted and I am Now Working on Vector Zero Online2

What's the difference?

There is New Movement

Better Fps Mechanics 

Spawn Delay


Less lag


5 Maps

Max-PlayerCount 20

More Server Options

Made On the Newest Version Of Unity

Lot Better Main Menu And UI

Reworked Account System

Testing ScreenShots 

the map is nice Did you make the particles?


there have been some bugs with the web so web is on 1.1.5 download is 1.1.6 this is not a bad thing but if one is playing on a different map on 1.1.6 and you join in on 1.1.5 you might get kicked 

better to download the game also only able to login/register if your on downloadable 

Overall better to download

Web version is out dated

thanks we are working on getting more players add planing to add bots

1.1.6 is only downloadable but you can play 1.1.5 in the browser note there are 2 more maps on 1.1.6 so best to download and if one is playing 1.1.6 diffrent map than 1.1.5 players will be kick from lobby

Good News gamers 1.1.6 is out web seems to be laggy so highly recommend downloading

Updates:see In-game

1.1.6 login system

1.1.6 map leak

Sneak Peak 1.1.6



please give feedback on this game!

1.1.6 there will be at least 6 maps

1.1.6 Map Leak!!!!

1.1.6 is coming this week

Latest Version 1.1.5

Updates see ingame 

Play Here Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 (

Please leave feedback play in the browser or download

Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 (

click find rooms and join the room, Please give me feedback

Good news and bad news good news is 1.1.5 is out bad news is all that downloaded the game before need to download again to update!

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Sneak Peek at 1.1.5

Menu improvements

thanks, v1.1.5 will be the biggest update yet probably going to come in 10-20 days I am talking 

3 new maps

reworked movement 

wall jumping and wall sliding 

reworked UI

possibly cosmetics

reworked dashing

support for 3-4 more languages

reworked menu

and so much more!

Play Here!

Tell me what you think

Fast pace  Multiplayer fps


Play here Download/Browser: Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 (


New Map

nerf Shotgun 

buf sniper

Better Ui


Motion blur

new sound 

bug fixes

lean left ,right

see More in game:

Sorry for removing the downloadable version for this week. But we have made the improvements to reintroduce the downable version, Thanks



fps big update play here!


nerfed shotgun

 new maps


motion blur

  better ui/fonts

lean left,right

new thumbnail 

bufed sniper


wall sticking

and much more!!

The download has been removed till further notice.

this week!

Vector zero will be receiving one of the biggest updates ever here are the things we are hoping to add in this update:

 play this game: Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 (

update coming 7/20

Wall running

leaning left, right

better hit registration


fixing UI

3 new maps

able to use different maps

and much more


Come give me feedback

Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 (

Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 (

just added downloadable


i will be adding a downloadable version

I'm going to add a download to

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Try the Game! Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 (

This is a devlog as I am working to get feedback and update the game as soon as possible.

Click Here to play Vector Zero Online by cubegame90 ( !!!

Brand new demo online multiplayer game for free!!!

Vector Multiplayer Online Pre Alpha by cubegame90 (