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In the theme announcement video it said dice did not need to literally be part of the concept and as long as it captured the concept of "rolling the die" in any way whatsoever, it would count. He even said, games centered around probability, randomness, or chance. I think this game very accurately reflects the theme.

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Good clicker click-bait. 324

This was so realistic that it should probably have a trigger warning.

It was on roll 95,832,523,104 that I finally understood.

Thank you for this game. I am now free from Martian Hemorrhoids and DMV wait times. And my fourth-dimension pancakes are tasting better than they ever did eventually.

I like the concept that's happening here. However, this kind of game feels like it should be prone to moving fast through a level. I can very much envision this being a speedrun friendly game. That said, the player controller has got to be super super tight. I had lot of problems with collisions and sometimes the special ability failed to execute. This can be a fun concept but it still has a way to go. As it stands right now it was a little frustrating to play. Dying is frequent (and to be expected) but you want the dying to come from the player not performing the skill well enough rather than something breaking.

technical feedback: the main menu didn't like my 3440x1440 monitor.

It's really rough around the edges, but this is way more fun than it has any right to be! I genuinely laughed and freaked out. This concept has a lot of potential. It needs a LOT of work to be more than a prototyped concept, but what's there is genuinely VERY fun. I saw lots of other games that looked way more polished and were honestly just BORING. It's so much easier to polish a fun but broken game than it is to add fun to a polished and smooth game.

So glad this ended up in my random queue! :D

no prob

Initially this looked really interesting. I liked that it has a narrative element. Immediately got Inscryption vibes. However, my mouse pointer doesn't show up in the game at all so it was rather difficult to do anything. It'd be interesting to see this more polished.

Technical Feedback:

Problem - On the "Level Select" screen, the "Menu" button is almost completely off-screen on my 3440x1440 monitor.

Interesting - When the dice are falling you can still hover your mouse over the top of the die to reveal the side guide (or whatever you call it that shows the values surrounding the value on the top face).

Lots of FUN! Probably the most FUN I've had with any game I've rated so far. There's lots of little things that need to polished up, for instance if I grabbed a 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I'd get a pair instead of a sequence which didn't feel very fair. So it needs to detect highest possible hand or something or keep track of the order you click dice in or something. I also was able to cheese the game at times by holding the power meter and it stops the timer basically giving me infinite time to decide what to grab which obviously breaks one of the push/pull mechanics of the game. By clicking and holding the ball for a while sometimes I could get the power meter to stop altogether which would allow me to release the ball and have infinite time to collect dice before catching the ball (which never moved). 

I understand those are just bugs and honestly they were really small when compared to just how FUN this game was. Seriously, this has been my favorite so far. 

Polish it up, add a few things and you've got a great little game here. EXCELLENT job. Good luck in your overall rankings!

This was a surprising and fun game mechanic. I would really like to see this expanded into a full and polished version of Chess!

There's an interesting idea underpinning this game. Had some bugs in trying to control the direction of the dice. Took me a while to figure out what I was doing. Rough around the edges, but there's an interesting concept worth exploring here.

Interesting art style. Locomotion concept could work. Needs to be faster and tighter. Bullet Hell maybe? It's a good start, but needs more. A+ on art style for sure tho. You've got an eye for shape and color. 

EXCEPTIONAL! What an impressive 48 hour build! I only docked 1-star for creativity as I've played a few games that had a rolling puzzle mechanic like this, but this one is done incredibly well and deserves polish. Color choice is top notch. Controls are tight. Camera, movement, etc controllers all done right. Polish it up, add some levels, get some original music going on. Maybe toss in a mascot or something, toss in a few alternative mechanics and you've got yourself a marketable game. Very very nice indeed. 

(I agree with @Boba89, an undo button would help a lot, think Baba is You)

Did not run for me except a screen showing stats and a few dice. No buttons, no inputs worked.

Windows 10 Pro. Monitor is 3440x1440. Input is M&K.