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thank you :3

Just Crazy good!
The feeling this game is spreading is amazing. Especially the soundtrack is so motivating <3

Keep up the good work 

Great Game.
I like the premise and how the environment reflects the inner situation of me as the player.
Really appreciated that Game.

Is there a discord server for all the participants to exchange information, progress, motivation, etc.? 

I had something in mind like the mini jam discord server 😅

Thanks for playing.
Yeah lets say music isn't one of my strengths :3

And thank you for the feedback

I thought of doing so, but at the end I ran out of time.
Thanks for playing and the feedback. 

Really nice game. Ecpecially for a 1 day game. I also liked the length of it. 
What through me off at the beginning was that there were no level boundaries I could just walk off screen in the first level. 

All in all the game is good

I really liked the atmosphere of the game. The visuals, sounds and music played really well together and created a sense of dispair in me, until i discovered that you could turn on the background color with yellow, this was really neat. 

I like the idea of this game, it's very relaxing.  

The visuals and music is really great, especially for a 3 day long jam. 
The game was quite hard for me :3
Didn't survive longer than 15 seconds. 

All in all it's a cool game you made.

Reed your game was great. I liked the idea with the efffigies and the spells felt so good, especially with the visuals and what made this come to live was the music. especially against the bosses. 

One thing I would mention is the lightning in the level design. At times it was hard to see where to jump or where to go, because i couldn't quite see the exits. 

You could achieve the 2 keyframe aesthetic through the following technique.

Set the same keyframe for multiple seconds, therefore your animation is not eased anymore, then its choppy like pixelart animations. 

This Game was AMAZING. I really loved the story telling behind it. The ending kinda gave me shivers, it was really beautiful and fun too. The mechanics were juicy.

Really nice game. I liked the mechanics and the fast pace. It was really challanging. 

This game is very cool. I really like the concept behind it. It is really relaxing and beatuiful too. 

Great game!

Really nice game! I love the graphic style and the animations are very cute :).