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Cragwind has offered to pass the gift card prize on to you, contact me on the F# foundation (  slack @vorotato to  send me your details so you can receive the prize.

Congratulations on winning! Please contact me so that I can send the cash prize and the zazzle gift card. If you would like to decline the reward please let me know so that I can reach out to the second place winner.

Congratulations to Cragwind and their submission of Orb Light for winning the October 2021 F# Jam! Very impressive submissions from everyone. Please contact me Cragwind on the F# organization slack @vorotato so that I can send you $100 and Zazzle gift card for F# Foundation swag. If Cragwind decides to decline the cash prize and the zazzle gift card then it will be given to the second place winner Roenn who submitted Hollow Town. 

Everyone who submitted has an opportunity to vote on their favorites. Thanks everyone who submitted, really some impressive stuff.

If you don't have any idea for you might do, reply and I'll help you come up with something.

Wonderful, I'll keep that in mind. I don't plan on ever charging a fee because I agree that it would discourage people.  Basically the prize is an amount that I felt comfortable chipping in to promote the event, the digital gift card for F# swag is from the F# Foundation. I feel like a hundred bucks is enough that most people could think of something fun they could get with it. I'm hoping putting a little skin in the game helps people get involved and feel like they're actually winning. I can also put up a post about the winning game on the F# reddit, but I'll need to clear that with the other mods if we can sticky that or  something to make it feel special.

Fsharp Jam community · Created a new topic Prizes?

How would everyone feel about a small prize like a F# mug or shirt via a digital zazzle gift card to purchase from the F# Foundation and a $100 cash prize? What amount of prize would make it exciting to participate but not so much as to make things cut throat? In the unlikely event that I win the person in 2nd place will receive the prize, because I created this because I wanted a game jam so I do want to participate, but I don't want to undermine my own event :P. 

Fsharp Jam community · Created a new topic F# Game Examples
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Links from the previous jam (context: )

7Sharp9's Monogame series:

For game assets I have found useful for cc0 assets and inspiration. Please feel encouraged to share other F# game development resources.

Any objections? 

Some setting ideas I had that I probably won't be using but might spark inspiration. 

The earth as it was in the 1800s but everyone is a duck. 

midcentury modern but all technology is replaced with magical objects that have similar function.

Ancient Greece but they have invented the computer already.

Midcentury modern but there's an earthquake that splits the US down the middle.

Western cowboys but they ranch cats for their fur.

The inspiration for this theme was chosen by turning the tv to a random station and watching a 1962 film with Elvis Presley as a homesteader called "Follow that dream". Please use this thread to discuss ideas and other sources of inspiration for this, and please make sure to be respectful of others if referencing any specific historical events, or historical figures. Internet archives can be a good source for historical music that is out of copyright. 

I think it's up to you and what you think is best for your game.

Thanks! very cool to see a ray caster example. Thanks so much Chris!

Fsharp Jam community · Created a new topic F# Game examples
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7Sharp9: F# Monogame Tutorial Series

JWosty:   Monogame Circus Maximus

tpetricek:  Fable Mario

Please reply with any of your own you might have.