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F# Game examples

A topic by vorotato created Jun 16, 2021 Views: 453 Replies: 6
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Host (1 edit) (+1)

7Sharp9: F# Monogame Tutorial Series

JWosty:   Monogame Circus Maximus

tpetricek:  Fable Mario

Please reply with any of your own you might have.

(1 edit) (+2) - contains multiple examples including Tetris and Space Invaders

(Probably needs a bit of a refresh in terms of dotnet core version)

Also have an older platformer here:
And a sort of top down, diablo-esque PoC here:
And finally, a wolfenstein 3D sort of thing here (using F# plus SDL):


Thanks! very cool to see a ray caster example. Thanks so much Chris!


I added some sample projects using Veldrid and OpenTK.OpenAL here:

One makes use of ECS in a real-time simulation and the other is turn-based with idiomatic F# code and no ECS. There's also wrapper code over Veldrid to help with sprites and tiling.

They come to about 37 MB when publishing standalone trimmed.

Can we use any library we want, like raylib? Or are we trying to stick more towards good functional F# programming?


I think it's up to you and what you think is best for your game.


Another sample of a (clone) game I threw together a while ago - SuperHexagon - - built with SDL2-CS and OpenGL.