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Thanks so much for the review and video!

Thanks! I agree, running it as a simulation feels like watching a reaction occur or Conway's Game of Life.

I've just released an initial web demo of Triverse, a game about building drones out of parts and battling them. You can build by placing various parts like cores, thrusters, hulls, or turrets in triangle grid cells to form functioning drones. Designing a drone involves tradeoffs in mobility, power, defense, etc.

I've thought about releasing parts of it as examples or libraries. In the meantime, if you hadn't seen them, you might check out the platformer demo or Garnet examples. For learning idiomatic F#, the roguelike example game logic might be a good start.

Thank you for the feedback! I've updated the game, although it still allows extra jumping :)

Thanks for checking it out! Yes, destructible terrain is in the works and will be in the next iteration.

Thank you 208tr! And good job on Spiderfall, I appreciated that it has key bindings and not just mouse controls (although maybe they could be 1-7 so they'd be adjacent keys?).

I added some sample projects using Veldrid and OpenTK.OpenAL here:

One makes use of ECS in a real-time simulation and the other is turn-based with idiomatic F# code and no ECS. There's also wrapper code over Veldrid to help with sprites and tiling.

They come to about 37 MB when publishing standalone trimmed.