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Voicu Mario Andrei

A member registered Jan 01, 2017

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things that i would like to see in the next update:

when you get an arm cut off you die instantly

but in the next update i hope that if you get an arm or leg cut off you don't die

now for the modern spin-off:

turets,head lamp,flare gun,smoke grenade,flashbang,rocket launchers,military armor

i hope you like those ideas :D

if jumping was aded will there be fall damege

the same

i have one question:

the ships wil be controled or just randomly float in water

idk i wil try again

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i singed up for translate and i din't get a mesage back

btw i don't know whit what program i wil translate

the level bundel is grate but i want in the next level bundel to not have the option to choice equidment

i played costum batle editor there was a pike

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i have to report some bugs

1. in conquest and king of the hill if you choice the equidment you wont get it

2. when an AI dies his hand remains stuck in the airi kiled

3. the bug with bouncy weapons wasn't fixed

the lords are so easy to kill i died just thre times

yes the uptade is today! YAY!(im from roumain)

i hwe a question:

the campaing wil be changed if new units wil come?

also i have some ideas (more of them are for the modern spin-off)


ninja swords and stars _________________________

modern spin-off time

auto crosbow

head lamp


good game i like it so much! i can't wait for the next uptade even if there are 3 days to go (this coment was wirthe on the date of 1/26/2017 6:03 pm)

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the knights are awsome

bad that the uptade has ben delayed by 3 days

but that means more content! yay!

this game is the best game ever keep up the good work

i have an idea to:

in the future uptade it wil be cool to have mind swamp with alyes

i can't wait for the next uptade this game is awsome

you make this game cooler and cooler each uptade

i like the knigthes

sai to Lukas that has made very good weapons

i have read your last devblog and asowme content keep it up i love you game

one more qestion have you put some of my ideas in the game ?

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i have some questions for you

wath inspired you to be a diveloper?

when the modern spin-off wil be the acient stuf wil be deleted?

wil you make acient warfare 3 or other games?

how the game wil be named when the modern spin-off wil be? (i have an idea "modern warfare 2")

i have some new ideas and these ar the last ideas that i wil give you for now:


-dog -tigre -pheonx potions:

-regeneration -protection(you wil not take 50% of the damege taken) -arow shild(deflects evry arow or bulet) (actuly those wil be find in chests if you ad chests)


-baloon (wil fly arownd and drop bombs at theyr target) -glider (wil fly with an glide and charge at you with an sword) -kiler (wil have a big blade and kil you in one hit)

equidment and rides:

-glide -baloon -dark knite armor and dark knite armor -long sword andbig blade

prees C

hey Jannik i have some ideas:

gold armor for the player to

legendary weapons:

-golden axe -sword of death -blood sycle

ad one PvP server with an arena and a shop and you can buy weapons with coins you win in the arena

building parts and traps:

-castel stages -king's tower -surprise rock (if you touch it it wil blow up) -falling cage (a cage that wil fall from an tree)

one new map: lake

hey Tropicanwars i dont want to make you mad on me but you stelle some of mi ideas look down

please dont be mad at me OK

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i read your last devblog and i past the multyplayrt section. and i have ideas for multyplayer: -king of the hill -capture the flag -king vs king

ideas for new units

-doctor (heal theyr alyes) -asasin (kills you in one hit) -fire ball catapult -mage -poison hawacha

equidment ideas

-thorn armor -thorn shild -medkit (one use)

ideas for buildings and traps

-chests( rare and random on the map you can find equidment in ) -metal wals -spike hole trap -falling trees

i hope you se this. im happy wen i give you ideas. i suport you and i like acient warfare2 so much.

you shod ad multyplayer