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hey Jannik i have some ideas:

gold armor for the player to

legendary weapons:

-golden axe -sword of death -blood sycle

ad one PvP server with an arena and a shop and you can buy weapons with coins you win in the arena

building parts and traps:

-castel stages -king's tower -surprise rock (if you touch it it wil blow up) -falling cage (a cage that wil fall from an tree)

one new map: lake

Sounds cool! and the PvP server you were talking about could be like the gladiator arena but you cant pick weapons up and each kill gives you 1 coin.and the costs would be different on shields,weapons,and armour.for example:

sword 5 coins

spear 10 coins

pike 20 coins

helmet 15 coins

bow 10 coins

kinda like that but these don't have to be the cost for the things.

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Of course that would be really cool. If I add multiplayer, this is definitely an idea to think about.

I think to host one server isn't very expensive and maybe I could host 2 virtual servers on one hardware server.