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i have some questions for you

wath inspired you to be a diveloper?

when the modern spin-off wil be the acient stuf wil be deleted?

wil you make acient warfare 3 or other games?

how the game wil be named when the modern spin-off wil be? (i have an idea "modern warfare 2")

1. I really can't remember. I think because I love coding and gaming. Game development is a mixture of both.

2. Of course not. I will even continue the development of Ancient Warfare 2

3. I will make another game. I already started the concept, but don't worrym there will be more updates on Ancient Warfare 2.

4. I won't name it "Modern warfare", because I don't want to get in trouble with Activision (Call of duty publisher)

There is kind of a modern spin off but a standalone that has no relation to this game, its called 'Ravenfield'