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i have some new ideas and these ar the last ideas that i wil give you for now:


-dog -tigre -pheonx potions:

-regeneration -protection(you wil not take 50% of the damege taken) -arow shild(deflects evry arow or bulet) (actuly those wil be find in chests if you ad chests)


-baloon (wil fly arownd and drop bombs at theyr target) -glider (wil fly with an glide and charge at you with an sword) -kiler (wil have a big blade and kil you in one hit)

equidment and rides:

-glide -baloon -dark knite armor and dark knite armor -long sword andbig blade

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Thank you for all the suggestions.

There will be some special knights and I have added the rest of the ideas to my list.