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Yep, as long as you haven't already gotten to the adult scenes. They don't occur until closer to the end of the game.

Yes, you can get it from Denpasoft here:

You will not receive a Steam key from purchasing the game on, only a direct full download.

It's not totally set yet, but probably somewhere around $15 USD!

Thank you so much!! Namie and Loika are so incredibly talented! It's a honor to be able to work with them.

Thanks for the feedback! We think you should be pretty happy with the full game, in that case =3 We will say though, while there are different choices and endings, there aren't different relationship routes in this title.

Personally, my main inspirations for the game are fairy tales and Disney movies. The sort of standard that I generally use for determining if something can fit in the game - if it's not too dark, or too cheesy, or whatever - is "would this happen in a Disney movie?" I think we've stayed within those boundaries pretty well, heh.

As for the music, I can't speak as to the composers themselves, but the references that I gave them were mostly film or game music, ranging from Nightwish to the Golden Sun Soundtrack to other visual novel soundtracks.