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Nice to have any progress again :)  I updated viking sprite and changed navigation buttons behavior - now you can keep a button pressed for fast move in some direction.

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I checked your game and found some bugs:

  • character does bzzzzz when he was stopped by barrier;
  • in second level I got next situation: Red left the level, Blue died, but level wasn't reloaded;
  • when enemy was shooted, next arrows got stuck in him instead of flying forward
  • I can step into enemy tile from the back

I will check your game. I will add different "worlds" with different level structure. I have additional plans about NPC, they will be part of the level's puzzle.

Thanks for your feedback. Now scoring system check how many items were restored (if max score is 500 and you restored 50%, you will get 250). I calculate steps count, but now it wasn't assigned to the scoring system. 

I will add items counter on the top and temporary highlight of walk over-able objects.

Thanks for your feedback! I will add new levels with the garden and several buildings, so game will be not limited by one building. Also, I will add level editor, so everybody will be able to make own puzzles.

Thanks!) Do you have any recommendations?

I fixed sounds volume, removed clouds and added two languages.

Thank you for your review!

  • It's an early build, I'm trying to show all available mechanics in these levels.
  • I will make world map, levels selector and volume control asap, just busy with work and study.
  • Now players really can finish level with 5 or 0 percent progress (in debug purposes). When levels selector will be ready, I will set the limit by 75%. If you didn't reach 100%, you will not be shown in the leaderboard.
  • I will review nav buttons speed, maybe I will allow doing auto-steps (when hero do steps while you keep key pressed).
  • It's a helpful idea about destroyed items counter, maybe I will add a button to highlight all unfixed items also.
  • You are right that game is adapted for mobile screens, I will publish this game in Google Play after the alpha stage.
  • About axe - when the hero is naked, he cannot "fix" large objects. Later it will be part of the puzzle, now it's more like proof of concept.
  • I would like to add levels editor and multiplayer also.

So thank you, you showed a lot of moments, which I can fix and improve.

Hurray! I added button to undo last step, made nav buttons bigger and added camera following - now I'm able to make much larger maps.

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Hi! In my game player should restore the hero’s path from the bed to the front door, visiting each destroyed item only once. I got the feature request about something like a tavern brawl. I met with the problem - restored items just stay on the same place, but people cannot. They cannot follow the hero, because in playback it will seems like they run from the hero. They can do some random movements, but it can seems strange. Do you have any ideas?

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Olaf the Boozer - a puzzle about viking's hangover. Your task as a player is to restore the hero’s path from the bed to the front door, visiting each destroyed item only once.

I updated keyboard input. Now you can use arrows or WASD to control the hero, R to restart, M to mute/unmute and Space to skip text blocks and level results.

Thanks! Do you have any feature request?

New game mechanics are ready! The trails - the hero cannot cross them in a random place; after the start, he cannot leave them before he cleans them up.

New game mechanic (axe is necessary to destroy big items) and depth sort fix are finished :)

New level is here :) Also, I rewrote the level changing code, it allowed making several locations in the future.

Thanks) I will add new levels soon

It is necessary not only to have the progress in the game logic and the content but also to keep the code clean and scalable. Current build contains the next changes:

  • level-specific info like start and end positions were moved to Tiled map;
  • added technical availability to run levels in random order;
  • added step count in level summary;
  • added availability to add intro text to some levels;
  • fixed some bugs.
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Hi! I have been working on my indie game.

This game is a puzzle about a viking's hangover. You have to restore the path from the bed to the front gate and "repair" each destroyed thing.  This path is reversed, it is a significant difference from other puzzles and this feature can produce additional fun and open new mechanics.

 I am looking for people to give me some feedback on how I can improve these devlogs and how I can improve my game.

So, if that sounds like something that would interest you, come get a look!

You can check demo here

Thanks) I will add new levels and mechanics

Hi! I took part in Global Game Jam and did the game about the viking who woke up, saw destroyed interior and tried to remember how he did it. So the player should restore viking's path from the front gate to the bed by items restoring and he cannot cross already restored items.

Thanks) Bouns are showed by forest and village, so you should return sheep into grassland bounds.

Thanks) I will change current gameplay to  something similar to "I_packed_my_bag" or "Saymon says"

Thanks! I have idea how to convert this game into nice hyper casual game with single (endless?) level

Thanks) I already have ideas how to make nice hyper casual game from this material, but it will be a bit another game. I will make only one level, where you need find as many sheep as you can. And instead of forest background and runes I will use forest run and symbols.


Music is background only and not related with gameplay.  You can open developer console and check recognition results. Maybe I need collect usage statistic to improve recognition rules.

Maybe 50-100ms immortality can prevent launch deads.

When engeneer catch head of the exploded engeneer, it seems creepy :D And sometimes they can explode right after launch.

If you would like to watch intro again, open game in private/anonimous window.

I wrote about in intro - rune is something like fortunetelling dice. You draw symbol to activate rune and get more info where you need to go to find sheep.

I fixed bug with freezing, you can check game again.

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Thanks for feedback, I fixed this bug a moment ago, you can try it again.
Touch input works well, I tested both PC and Android phone. On phone game opens in full-screen mode.

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Thanks for feedback, I fixed this bug a moment ago, you can try it again.

You can open game on phone and play, game will be opened in full-screen mode.

Thanks! Sometimes recognition doesn't work correctly, I will fix it. But anyway you can just replay level again.

Very nice game and art style)

Привіт з Кропивницького ;)



This is not a bug, it's a feature :D