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Victor Soudien

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Thank you for checking it out :)

Hey, thank you so much for the heads up. Edited the post.

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Hey everyone! I just released Void Runner, a game I made in collaboration with my brother over the past few weeks.  We were brainstorming game ideas based on the word "movement" and decided to create an infinite runner.  

In Void Runner, your objective is to survive for as long as you can by avoiding obstacles. In this infinite runner, you teleport instead of jumping. This means you can teleport through obstacles, but be careful, teleport too soon and you might end up in a wall.

We really enjoyed making this and hope you will enjoy playing it. Let us know what you think :)

Thank you, I appreciate you trying out my game. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Even so, you put it to good use within your levels. :)

Really cool concept, love the art style. The water was especially cool.

Thanks, glad you like it. I am more of a programmer, still developing my 3D art skills. Under the credits, I acknowledge all external asset contributors.

This is really fun, great art and sound as well. The weapon types add a simple but compelling level of strategy. Great entry.

P.S. Thank you for checking out my game.

Exceptional art and music.

Very fun game, the announcers lines really add to the comedy.

This is amazing!!

Really fun game. I love the music.

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Great art style and music. Also very fun to play.

Fun game and great art style.

Very cool idea!! Lots of fun.

Challenging and fun game.

Really fun game. Love the art and sound.