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Thank you for your comment and the video!

Sadly, i'm not currently working on video games..
So i don't think a longer version is going to be release :/

By the way, the graphics were made by ;)

The problem is fix in 2.4!
I love the concept of this game, great job ;)

Just WoW!
This game is beautiful, great job on the assets, like it's just AMAZING!
The gameplay perfectly feat the jam!!
The little story is a really nice touch!!!
The best game i've seen ;)
Keep up the great work!!!!!

I love the idea of the game! It may be one of the greatest!
And the little story was really fun to read :D
On top of that, i love your home made graphics!!
The only negative point is the leveling, the finals map were too big or too hard.
The last was reeeaaalllyy hard and long, i had to dye 32 times to have enought body, i may have miss something x)
Overall, the game is really good, great work ;)

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Hello, I'm really happy that you liked the game!
Just like you, we used free assets from Ansimuz.
The sounds are from free-sound, and we find the music in the asset pack (Used by Ansimuz in demo, credit to Pascal Belisle, soundcloud).
The asset pack name is "Sunny land".
Ansimuz is on, take a look at his page ;)

We only are developer, sadly!

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Hello, I have the same problem in 2.3

Interesting, i like the message you are sharing!
How can we judge people, who i am to do it ?

This is game was reaaaally fun!

Great concept, i will try to follow your next stream!
Have fun ;)

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Really good game, i love that you tried to do everything by yourself, it's really impressive!
I've spot something in the castle, they are tiles that are on top of monsters (the three roads map).
I don't know if it's normal or a mistake.
Keep up the great work, the game is incredible!

Hi, i like the idea!
I may have a bug with the baker, he can't move during possession ;)

I would like to know what you think about my work ;)

Lovely concept, i hope you keep it!

Ahah, it's a classic!
Ansimuz is my favorite pixel artist ;)

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Hey, I would love to make pixel arts by myself!
This jam i've done some modifications to the sprites, and i was excited by the result!
But my lack of artistic experiences is a real problem, and it kind of scare me :/
After the GGJ, i will stop jam, and learn the pixel art basic.

If yo have any tips (software, tutorials...), don't hesitate to reply ;)
Thank for the comment, have a good day!

Hey, we are happy that your like our game!
We haven't done the pixel art, saddly :/
Here is the link to the creator page, the pack is Sunny land! It's free ;) 

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Yeah, the game is running now ;)
It's fun, i love the fact that you've done the art yourself!

Thank for your comment, we really are happy that you like the game ;)

Hey, the loading he's stuck, i can't test your game :x

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Thank you! Yeah it's the bug in the third level :|

Hey, thanks for your comment!
We really are happy that you like the game. ;)
I'd love to see the game expanded too..
Have a good day!

Hello, thanks for your comment!
Yeah, we are aware of some bug like this one :')
Did you have it on the third map ?
We forgot to map the SPACE key, I'm going to patch this ASAP!
Have a good day!

Hi, thanks for your comment!
The ZQSD controls are for AZERTY keyboard, we may patch this later...
Since the mouse isn't usable, you can play with the arrows without struggling.
Have a good day!

I have the issue with z (w on qwerty) and 8. I don't have controller/mouse to test.

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May you find the boss ?  :D

I have the same issue :/

The sound design is reallyyy good!

I manage to win by only sending cofee :')

Fun game overall, and really in the theme!

It take me 10 minutes to reach the Simon says.. ;)

There is a lack of indications, however the game is pretty playable.

The main music and the menu are so fun!

The game is really hard (just for me ?), but funny ;)

Hello, it's my first Game Jam ;)

Im working on it with a friend, which is also registered... We want to now if there is a meeting or something to start the Game Jam, and if there is a discord or something to talk/tchat with the other registered peoples. On top of this, we may have miss the go since we live in France, so the time zone may be different.