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I wanted to fully finish the game before reviewing it, but i think I'm giving up lol, also this reminds me of the world's hardest game, were you inspired by it?

Anyway, the game looks, sounds and feels good, but i think the graphics could be slightly polished, and maybe it could have some sound effects, that's all though, it's a great game for those who are not afraid of challenges, nice work

Thank you so much for trying it out, it's not inspired by ONE but you're not the first to ask that lol

Well, this is some feedback about the 2 player/AI opponent mode

There should be a way for those a bit behind to catch up and still have a chance to comeback because from the looks of it if you're 1st position you basically won if you never screw up anything, maybe something can be done with how you can get off chairs? Actually yeah items that can only be used without chairs could be interesting

Lastly, some UI stuff, I think the title screen could be improved a bit as i don't really enjoy the layout, especially the social media buttons (Sorry i just find it weird how tiktok's kinda misplaced), maybe you should replace AI difficulty with music in the options (or maybe put the difficulty option when you press play and enable AIs), i don't know if it's just me but It's pretty hard to notice how much energy is left when you race, though i don't think it matters much since you should know you've been going a while without batteries anyway.

Okay, now for the positive stuff

I believe it goes without saying this is a fun idea, looks and sounds good, is still getting new content as of today, like the egg hunt mode (High score is 26 for those who want to beat it).

Oh yeah did i mention it's hiding fun secrets as well? My favorite is the character you get shown in the penultimate screenshot (Or is it the 6th? I can't tell with the layout) but the twitter account is hiding a lot man.

Despite having only 3 maps avaiable i believe they bring enough diversity, not only that, but i believe a 4th map has been in the works for months and it's going to have a lot of stuff and fun easter eggs, i'm waiting man 😉

Also thank you for keeping the special holiday editions as options sometimes when games do that kind of stuff i miss them when they inevitably disappear

I believe that's all

Yes, you were absolutely right about the Undertale vibes, it was my main inspiration after all, and about name easter eggs, i actually did that already with a few of my characters (with more to come in the future actually because i forgot some of them + more characters being added with new chapters), i wasn't really planning to add Undertale names as easter eggs since those characters have nothing to do with my game, but i could consider adding references for fun

Hello, thank you so much for giving this game a try and streaming it, I won't hide the fact I've been watching the VOD with a big smile through the entire section with my game lol.
I see what you mean with the art style, it was (and probably still kinda is?) the best i could do, but this is only the beginning and i know i'll keep improving with time, still, I'm glad you found the rest of the game amazing.

Thank you once again

No Jam community · Created a new topic Looking for team?

So excited for this no jam anyone wanna team up to make absolutely nothing?

5/5 Running Wizard

Interesting adventure you had there

Been there, i understand the feeling, glad you're not rushing the game out and giving it your all through the whole thing, no matter how much it takes

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This game was an experience
I have no idea what kind of experience it was, however, i just know it was one

I recently finished chapter 1 of my first fully solo developed game, Inize Warrior, an RPG with a unique attacking and dodging system, along with various details like weaknesses and field hazards that can change how battles go.
Those who start a second playthrough after beating the game may also find interesting hidden fourth wall breaks.

Game page found here.

Cool game cool game yeah...

Make 🕷️ 3.

A few nitpicks:
- I think the cursor should light up when it hovers above something interactable
- Don't really like how it zooms in (this may be subjective)
-  I like how the progress saves automatically, but i wish there was a way to erase your save

Overall, duck scary.

Close one, had little time left to escape the house
Nice game, i loved the way the humans chased you

Cool game, got really challenging at year 2029

Great game, i wish i could lose weight by destroying my old garbage stuff

Possibly the most creative one of the jam, not only i found it cool how the garbage tech theme was the game itself, but, i don't know if this was intentional or not, it also fits the wasted resources theme with time being perhaps one of the most important resource, i love this

This game wasn't as bad as you made it sound, i found it cool and challenging

This game is awesome, it has a really nice concept, i love it

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This game is incredible, it deserves more attention

Sorry, i played on Windows so i don't know if it works on other platforms either

I played this for 10 minutes , this is pretty cool as your first finished game, it's a nice concept too, could have some other gamemodes (Like vs. multiplayer) but it's fine like this.