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Choose your office chair, buckle up & race through different homes!
Submitted by Bucket-full-games (@bucketfullgames) β€” 6 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art / Graphics#214.3644.364
Overall Fun#224.0914.091
Controls / UI#423.3643.364

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I am going through all submissions to make all developers aware of an important Google form I've made.

I'm joining the IQ folks to help organize smaller events in between the main FQ event in order to help prevent us from getting too many games in main events. Right now, I have a planned structure for these events but I would like to hear from everyone who was in this event in order to tune things better. The survey is a bit long, but it covers as much as I could think of. If you can take the time to do the survey by June 1st, I would immensely appreciate it!

You can find the form here:


Very good game!! It’s very fun and easy to play!! Very good job!! Good luck working on it :D


really cool game, the developer has added so many different ideas, I just love it 


Fun game packed with a lot of details! :D


A really fun time! I loved the variety of character designs, the different styles and seasonal changes, and the overall concept is a blast! I will say that the music came on a little strong, so maybe default it to 50 percent and let the player decide if they want it louder. It might also be good to have other indicators on the track itself on where to go besides the arrow-there are a lot of similar elements in the environment, so it can be hard to navigate with colors/designs everywhere. 

It would be nice to have another way to improve your speed too! Like maybe you have to negotiate how much energy you're using if you decide to go fast, which runs the risks of you having to stop. I did appreciate the amount of items though and I never had to worry about running out! The little secrets were fun too and it would be nice to have hints somewhere to indicate how you can experience them. Great job ^^


The style is pretty good and has a fun innovative concept, but it's really not my cup of tea, im not really a fan of 2D racers, and the music is something I don't like at all. Still, really well done and has a ton of content with high quality pixel art.


Well, this is some feedback about the 2 player/AI opponent mode

There should be a way for those a bit behind to catch up and still have a chance to comeback because from the looks of it if you're 1st position you basically won if you never screw up anything, maybe something can be done with how you can get off chairs? Actually yeah items that can only be used without chairs could be interesting

Lastly, some UI stuff, I think the title screen could be improved a bit as i don't really enjoy the layout, especially the social media buttons (Sorry i just find it weird how tiktok's kinda misplaced), maybe you should replace AI difficulty with music in the options (or maybe put the difficulty option when you press play and enable AIs), i don't know if it's just me but It's pretty hard to notice how much energy is left when you race, though i don't think it matters much since you should know you've been going a while without batteries anyway.

Okay, now for the positive stuff

I believe it goes without saying this is a fun idea, looks and sounds good, is still getting new content as of today, like the egg hunt mode (High score is 26 for those who want to beat it).

Oh yeah did i mention it's hiding fun secrets as well? My favorite is the character you get shown in the penultimate screenshot (Or is it the 6th? I can't tell with the layout) but the twitter account is hiding a lot man.

Despite having only 3 maps avaiable i believe they bring enough diversity, not only that, but i believe a 4th map has been in the works for months and it's going to have a lot of stuff and fun easter eggs, i'm waiting man πŸ˜‰

Also thank you for keeping the special holiday editions as options sometimes when games do that kind of stuff i miss them when they inevitably disappear

I believe that's all


Hi and thank you very much for taking the time to write this detailed feedback comment! πŸ™

I want to reply to the points you've criticized:

  • Can't catch up to opponents: I'm aware that it's really hard to catch up to opponents right now and am already thinking about ways to make this easier. One thing that will be added to address it will be pick ups you can use to swipe the opponent to the side (broom) and you'll be able to place oil puddles with the salad oil pick up (will work similar to the bananas in Mario kart). Another thing will be a "wind shadow" that will give you a small speed boost when you're directly behind an opponent for a short time. There are also thoughts about "traps" that can throw you off a chair, like this jump scare monster:

However, I don't want to punish players that are good by making the race (much) easier for the others. That's why there's also no rubber banding πŸ˜‰

  • UI: I must admit that I'm not very good at UI and here, most of it grew organically as the game grew. Thanks for pointing out these things. At some point I'll really have to redesign and reorganize the UI for a better experience and your feedback will be very helpful! πŸ‘

I'm happy that you've enjoyed the other parts of the game. And yes, I'm currently working on a big content update with more chairs to choose from, the 5th track (maybe also a 6th "tutorial" track), a new secret character and (if I'll manage to get it running) an actual race mode! πŸ˜‰

Stay tuned!


The music is the JAM! High energy and upbeat. It's super fun because it's an original idea and whacky and that adds to the fun. I don't like how the Player 2 image and button icons are on the left side of title menu and how the Player 1 image and button icons are on the right side of the title menu. It confused me so I was pressing "WASD" to move when I was obviously player 1 that had to use the arrow keys. I hope that makes sense. Just switch those icon locations to avoid confusion. Tooltip or tutorial to also explain stamina. Other than that critique, the game is solid and forms the bones of your game. Art style matches your theme and complements the music. 


Thank you very much for the praise and constructive criticism! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

In fact, I'm planning on adding customizable controls with one of the next versions. I've chosen the arrow keys for player 1 because of the people that have an AZERTY-layout keyboard, so most can at least play alone. However, it's also playable with a controller - for both players, each one can use a controller πŸ˜‰

And there will also be a tutorial level which shows & explains everything.

Thanks for playing! 

Cheers 🍻