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This is great. Very impactful writing and very condensed delivery.

Currently the only downside is that the description and cover don't do it justice. I don't have any good suggestions, but I think if you can better show what this is it will reach a broader audience.

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Leaving the comment in English for the jam:

Very fun and engaging, with solid story and mechanics. My only critique is the visual design - the text is way too large and some elements of the UI like the register and  stats would fit better on a side bar.

Overall loved it!

Hey, just wanted to leave my 2 cents in. The atmosphere is interesting, but the design is a little frustrating. As ghostchibi has pointed out, there are too many links, most of them are simply examinations that require you to go back, and the navigation gets a little confusing.

My personal recommendation would be to separate "examine" links and "actions". Instead of having "examine" on the bottom of the page, the object to be examined can simply be a link itself in the text. Furthermore, you don't need to take the player to a new passage for every examination. You can have a section of the page dedicated for what the player is looking at, and it gets replaced with the description when you click on something. This would make the gameplay more convenient and transparent.

Of course it's just one possible way of doing things ^^

Thank you for letting me know <3

Hey there. I really enjoyed it. Got ending 4. The title seems really fitting and the length seemed near perfect for what it aims to be. Good work =)

It's a fair point. Though since this is for bragging rights and motivation, I think leaving a comment on the entries that made an impression would serve just as well =)

No problem! Also, forgive if it's a weird comment, but the spelling of "Sarambulus" had me a little perplexed. It's written in a handful of different ways at different places. I am guessing that it is somewhat intentional as part of the whole surreal experience, but if so, the alternation doesn't make it completely obvious. I would suggest making the spelling change even more to underline that it's on purpose and not a mistake.

Using the rope to climb down produces a syntax error. Might want to check it out ^^

I think the idea is very promising. As someone who really enjoys ASMR, I can definitely see myself spending time with such an experience.

On the flip side, I feel that it definitely falls a bit short of its potential. For such a limited scope, the positioning of the images and links (and overall user interface) could have been more polished. There is also room for improvement in the way the sound presentations are structured.

Overall it was an enjoyable moment to relax, and I would highly encourage further development ^^

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You can set it up to open the file directly in browser, in addition to the download option ;)

(haven't played it yet, but thought I should mention. Will update)

I ran into a dead end that broke it. It was a link shortly after they started talking about sunflower seeds. 

Thank you for letting me know. I've enabled it, should work now!