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No problem! Also, forgive if it's a weird comment, but the spelling of "Sarambulus" had me a little perplexed. It's written in a handful of different ways at different places. I am guessing that it is somewhat intentional as part of the whole surreal experience, but if so, the alternation doesn't make it completely obvious. I would suggest making the spelling change even more to underline that it's on purpose and not a mistake.

Not at all a weird comment! I was experimenting (a.k.a. goofing around) and thought it might be another way to disorient readers in regards to what a Sarambulus is. It sounds like it was sort of successful, but I could amp it up a little--I'll put it in my notes for a post-contest update. Thanks again for more helpful feedback!

I thought the constantly changing spelling was a humorous element to signify the player's utter confusion about what the hell the Sombralunos actually is

That's also totally valid (I wish I was actually that clever)!